Friday, December 18, 2009

Is Candy an Option?

So I have to tell you guys this funny story about Matty, before I forget all about it. Matty and I have a lot in being a huge sweet tooth. We come from a long line of sweet lovers. My Grandma Gressett would have dessert before dinner. God I loved that woman! We finally finished up the Halloween candy around the first of December. It has already been replaced by the plethora of Christmas goodies so fear not that we are sweetless in this house! Anyways, I would normally give the girls some of their Halloween candy after lunch and one day about a month ago, lunch was over and Matty had this look on her face. I said, “what do you want Matty?” and she gave me more of the big doe eyed look. So I said, “Matty do you want candy?” She looked at me and her eyes got bright and she said, “are you saying that candy is an option?” On my gosh I about died laughing…”yes sweetheart, candy is always an option!!!” Oh, the things those girls say!!!

I really need to take some pictures of some of the things I have been making so I have more to post, for today I will leave you with this Christmas card I made using Soft Suede, Serene Snowflakes and the Shimmer Champagne paint, that stuff is so fun! All Supplies are SU!

october 062

I have to say this is officially the craziest week of the year. Packages to mail, school parties, teachers gifts….one last furniture delivery and 2 digital scrapbooks that I finished for a client for Christmas gifts. One more party tomorrow and 3 packages left to mail and I am finito!!! Woohoo…now for baking and all that fun stuff! We are going to sneak in the Princess and the Frog on Monday too!!

Ciao for now……Deidre

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry it has been so long!

Hey friends….life seems to be blowing past me at breakneck speed these past few weeks, hence the lack of blogging.  We recently (thanks to inspiration and assistance from my Dad) decided to purchase a piano.  Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it kind of necessitated the rearranging and redesigniong of two of the main rooms in our house as there was no place to put the thing!  So, we bit the bullet and invested in some new furniture for the first time in a long while.  We had gotten a new couch this year due to the fact that our old one was damaged in the move, but before that it was 5 years ago that we bought a bed and entertainment center.  We bought a dining room table when we lived in Italy in 2001 and before that we had never bought any furniture since we had been married.  So doing two rooms was a huge deal!

This is the first time that I have ever felt like shopping was such a chore.  Normally I love searching for just the right thing, but this time I wasn’t finding it and no one was willing to deal either.  I went on a wild goosechase to get 6 different furniture store business cards so I could get 5% off for each one of them.  That took a whole day, so I could get 30% off !(Yes, I finally got the desk...well it hasn’t delivered yet, it is my Christmas present….made me want to vomit knowing I was paying $300 more than the base store.) 

I only had an hour per day after my workout and before I got the girls to look, and all the furniture places are 20 minutes away…so it was all rush rush fun!  Then on top of that, not finding anything that I loved that wasn’t particle board or $3000 and it makes for one very frustrated girl.  It literally was one saga after another.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but I have been very frazzled over the past two weeks.  Now I am behind on my Christmas presents and shopping but I have to say the rooms look fabulous and cleaner and more useable than they did before and I love that!!  We had hardly sat in our front room at all and now we are using it constantly….Yeah! 

We have had about 6 birthday parties as well.  I made some goodies for them and didn’t even get pictures taken of some of the stuff as I had to wrap it and leave!

But here is some eye candy for you guys today and I will try and do a little more blogging soon!! 

Hope your Christmas season is not being too rushed and that it brings you joy!!

Here’s a card I made for the ladies who invited us over for desserts on Thanksgiving:

december 010

Here are some bags I filled with goodies and a movie card for one of the birthday parties we attended:

december 002

All supplies SU.  Let me know if you have any questions on either project and I can fill you in!

Ciao for now…….Deidre

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bippity Boppity Boutique

Hey everyone.  Sorry it has been so long since I blogged, it has been crazy around here!  It seems like this is the last thing I get to when things get busy.  My Mom came for a visit and we took the girls to Disneyland for the first time and we had a ball!  It is only about an hour and a half from here, but we stayed the night so we could get the full effect and see the parade.  The girls loved it!  We rode quite a few rides the first day and towards the end of the day they were really dragging, but we had an appointment at the bippity boppity boutique for a princess transformation which was a delightful birthday gift from Grandpa!  There was much whining as we made our way to the boutique from across the park, but afterwards it was like we were with new children they had so much energy!  It is amazing what a little pampering will do! 

First, their hair was gelled into a perfect ballerina bun with a “diamond” tiara placed in it.  Then they had make up applied, eyeshadow, blush and lip gloss.  Then the nails were painted and all the supplies used were put into a princess backpack.  Matilda squealed when she found out she was getting to keep the makeup and nail polish!   Then they were given a humungo fake diamond ring, a pink sash and some pixie dust on the hairdo, and they were ready for the big reveal!  They said Bippity Boppity Boo and the little birdies pulled back to reveal a sparkling mirror with flowers that “bloomed” at the bottom to reveal their princess transformation.  It was so awesome!  They just loved it and for the rest of the day they were floating on air and had so much energy. We just couldn’t believe the transformation!

We decided to leave the do in overnight, praying that it would stay in and I have to say it didn’t move an inch while they slept.  In the morning when they woke up the first thing they said was “We are still princesses!”  What was even better was that every Disney employee called them princess when they saw them after they had it done!  They just loved that!

Anyways lots more to tell but I will save it for another post!

Here’s a frame I made for one of my best customer’s in Oklahoma!

This uses the delightful decorations stamp set and ornament punch along with the great cocoa decorator paper…I love that stuff!

Hope she liked it!!

october 001

Ciao for now!   Deidre

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sorry it has been a while since I posted…my house has been a warzone and I have been very overwhelmed! We started a small painting project that ended up becoming a major project that we had not planned on. We know some good painters who said they could help fix some of our ceilings where the previous paint job was not very clean, they were also going to paint our fence. They thought it would be a 3-4 day job max. Well, when they went to paint the popcorn ceiling in the main room it fell right off! That changed the plans big time! They ended up scraping all the popcorn off, priming and patching the ceiling and then having to reprime it with oil based primer to prevent any yellowing showing through. All in all, it doubled the amount of time and they still aren’t done. It’s been 8 days now. Tomorrow afternoon they will finish up the fence (11 gallons down, 2 more to go!) The ceiling from hell is done though and looks fabulous. I am a little worried that it had asbestos in it and we totally removed it the wrong way. I am just praying that the ceiling was not the original one. It was in perfect shape it was just kind of gray from never being painted. We were able to keep the master bedroom and bath dust free so that is where we all slept, so the girls never were in any dust at all. Joel was in it a lot as he helped clean it all and I walked through a couple of times. I have been fretting over that and just praying that we haven’t done any serious damage to our bodies.

I was really getting a little depressed about the whole situation, so Joel worked really hard every day cleaning to get the house back to normal so I wouldn't have to do it all. He is such a good guy. I think he was a little worried about me!

I also did a little retail therapy on Friday morning at a craft fair. It is practically impossible to be depressed at a holiday craft show! Especially with the yummy cinnamon friendship bread. That loaf was worth every penny of $7! I also got one Christmas present purchased and hey, it’s still October! Double Score! Think I will get everyone’s gifts to them by Christmas? Odds are not in my favor, but I am going to do my best!

Here’s what it looked like the second day which was completely different from the snowstorm of the first day:

october 084

here’s all the furniture crammed in the family room:

october 083

I did have some time to stamp before all this happened for a few birthday parties we attended. I really love how this card turned out for little Sophie’s birthday.

october 078

and here is the name frame that I made to go with her Ariel bedroom.

october 080

I have lots to show you so I will try and do better about posting this week….stay tuned! Back to cleaning we go….

Ciao for now……Deidre

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sickness all around

Well I can honestly say it has been a few years since I was sick with a cold. So I guess I was due. I was so proud that I had not had a sinus infection since my sinus surgery back in 2007, but I don’t think I can say that anymore. Matilda and I both seem to just have the crud but luckily, no fevers or other symptoms other than sinus stuff. So that is why I have been a wee bit absent lately. I have been crafting some, and just need to edit the pics and I will get them posted. So today I will just share some pics from last weekend. I went to a shoebox swap that my local Rubba Sistas (Hi ladies!) put on. I didn’t get to go until after lunch due to Joel’s studying but I still got all my cards done. Here are some great pics of some of the samples and projects that were on the boards:

shoebox swap wreath

Loved, loved, loved this wreath made by Pam Gaynor. I really need the daisy die and butterfly die for the big shot now, don’t I???

Here is a great card made by Evie Bennet:evie's

Here’s a beautiful hive bag and matching cards...again by the ultra fabulous Pam Gaynor:


the banner welcoming us made from top notes…not sure who made this, maybe Pam or Gail??


Can I just say I love living in California? The place where we did the shoebox swap overlooked the ocean….stamping and viewing the ocean..does it get any better than that???

here’s a cool card made from circle circus….

circle circus

and my nemesis the more the merrier stamp set, but I actually think I could copy this one…once again though, it’s a die I don’t have, the scalloped oval for the big shot….I need it too, don’t I???


So there is a little sampling of our shoebox swap. Birthday cards and gifts coming up soon….stay tuned and here’s to getting over the cold!

Ciao for now….Deidre

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kathy Griffin is a hoot!

So for the last part of my birthday, (Joel says I can not celebrate any longer!) we went out to dinner and saw Kathy Griffin with our friends, Lisa and Jeremy. We had a great time and although you won’t see us when they broadcast the show in November (we were way up in the nosebleed section) might just see Lisa and Jeremy as they were in the 6th row! She talked so much smack about people, but it was really funny. Lots about Levi Johnston, (Bristol Palin’s baby daddy, as she puts it) Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. She pretty much did not let up on them either, but the funniest, I thought, was how she stalked Barbara Walters into the ladies room to talk with her on “The View.” She does a great Barbara impersonation. Anyways, we had some good laughs and a great dinner with our friends in the gaslamp district of San Diego. It was a great night out!

Other than that not much going on around here. Here was the card I made for my stamp club last month. It uses a technique called “Sepia Photo.” It is very easy to do… just stamp with stayz-on brown ink and then paint in some highlights with vanilla craft ink. You can add some more lowlights with brown ink but I did not do that on this card. I really love this monochromatic look!cards 003

I am going to use this as my shoebox card for a swap I am hopefully going to next weekend, so I am getting some big use out of this one! Hope all is well in your part of the world!

Ciao for now…….Deidre

Saturday, September 19, 2009

So much fun and thank god for coffee!

I stayed up until 2:00 am last night playing with My Digital Studio (MDS).  It is addictive!  I never stay up that late but I just couldn’t stop.  Now I am really getting excited about all the possibilities.  In one night I made a 24 page book on our trip to Yosemite.  In the past year I have finished 10 regular scrapbook pages so needless to say this is just a wee bit faster!  But I have to say I am already ready for some new downloads…I want more stuff!!!  I started by using the designer templates that are already set up, you just drag your pictures in and they autofill to the size set up in the template.  (you can move them around from there really easy.)    Now I am thinking how easy will this be to get some pages done and I really like the idea of adding regular scrapbook elements on top to create hybrid pages.  But it isn’t just for can make calendars, cards, blog banners and more.  I have only watched one webinar but I am going to try and watch one a day to learn more cool stuff to do!   Some of the pages are similar but by keeping all the same colors you get a really cohesive book!  This will all be printed into a hardback book!

So without further ado here is page one of my Yosemite scrapbook:


I changed the paper from the original template, added the text, brads and ribbon knot and the cute little red scallop border and it was done.  Just right and even better…FINISHED!

Here is another page:


Please overlook the saggy boobs and note to self…no more hiking with only a camisole….bra is definitely a necessity after birthing children…what was I thinking?

Here’s another page:



Amazingly easy if I must say so myself!  Now I am going to make a scrapbook page from scratch that I can make into a hybrid page when it comes in.  Then a greeting card.  After that I will get them all printed so I can have samples to show everyone.  I can see how this is going to be lots of fun and now if I can just get Donna and Randy to send me some of their pics, I can easily replace the pics of my family with theirs and make them a scrapbook for Christmas…they will love that!  Literally it will probably take me 10 minutes once I get the pics!

I am seriously low tech folks and this stuff is easy and fun!  I can not wait to play some more and hee hee hee Joel has to work all weekend…so some bad parenting (putting my kids in front of a movie) and me playing with MDS sounds like a great weekend!

Ciao for now…..Deidre

Monday, September 14, 2009

Princess Peep and Princess Lolly

So today the girls were really giggling and I had to find out what was so darn funny…..they were making up rhymes all of which ended with poop or pee and some word that rhymed with poop or pee.  Yep, 5 year old humor at it’s best!  Then they told me that their names were Princess Peep and Princess Lolly and I told them that those were wonderful names for princesses who like to sing about poop!  They are too funny!  Go here to see what these funny girls look like these days:

They are growing up way too fast!  So, I will take all the poop and pee rhymes I can, because someday it will be so passe’! (Which is one of their favorite words!)  That is French for “over” they say all the time.  Poop and passe…yikes what a juxtaposition!

august 021

Today, I am showing you my two swap cards I made for convention.  I totally forgot to show you guys these!  I did do one thing different though after I took the picture..I added a red brad to dasher’s nose on the middle dasher so he would be more Rudolphy.  I loved this card!

Here is my other swap card from convention using the “out of the box” hostess set.  I loved all these bright colors which are not my usual choice but really look great together!

august 022

I popped up the bottom heart with a dimensional and added some crystal effects for some gloss.  The square punches make it all easy peasy!

Smiles and Ciao for now!  Deidre

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Birthday Blessings

So it’s official, I am older!  42 now and it seems like just yesterday I was graduating from high school.  Man time does fly by fast and the five years with the girls seem like minutes.  They say the 40’s are the new twenties so I am going with that!  Although my sore body and grey hairs might disagree. 

I had a great day, got caught up on my errands in the morning, did a little stamping to get ready for an upcoming shoebox swap that some demonstrators here in the area are hosting, got to spend some time with my neighbor and her lovely daughter and get a little interior decorating advice as that is what she does for a living…and then out to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants…Buca del Beppo’s.  Joel is not a fan of theirs but I am, and I had a coupon, so double score.  Since it was my birthday, I knew that was the only way I was going to get to eat there because it was my choice!  We had a mix of pastas and a gorgonzola salad but the best part was the yummy tiramisu…even Joel liked it and it was huge!  We all had bites and we still brought enough for 3 people home.  Big Yum-O! 

Joel is taking me to see Kathy Griffin at the end of the month for my birthday, so that should be fun.  I also found a piece of  furniture on Craig’s List that is going to fit perfect in my craft room closet and help me not waste so much space.  So going and picking it up without too much complaining was the rest of my birthday present.  I do not even want to hear the moaning and groaning I am going to get, trying to get it upstairs, (it is super heavy!!!)  but when we get it in, I will post pics for you guys!

Here is a little wall hanging I made for my two past club hostesses.  Hope they liked it.  I used the champagne shimmer paint on all the snowflakes to make them soft and shimmery.  I thought it turned out really cute!

tea party  09 067

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes… I know I am blessed to have you all in my life……

Ciao for now……..Deidre

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nothing exciting...just stamping

So since the last few weeks were action packed, I am really glad this week was not!  Just getting stuff marked off the ole to do list, you know.  My girls were whupped come Thursday and Friday but like real troopers finished out the week strong!  Life is good.  Here is the card I made for their new teacher on the first day of school…she really liked it! 

tea party  09 026

Inside I put “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, thanks for being part of our first step!”

I tucked the little bookmarks on the ribbon in the inside to contain them a little better. 

tea party  09 028

I can’t believe my little two pounders are in school already…time is just rushing by!

Ciao for now……….Deidre

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I can’t stop!

Okay, I am having way too much fun with these sweet treat cups.  They are seriously addictive!  So here is a Thanksgiving Turkey.  I have yet to see anyone else out in blog land do one of these so I think it is truly an original!!  Dang, after 5 years I think I am getting good at this stuff (YILM!) I am just so surprised after all the brain cells I have lost after birthing children, that it is in my head somewhere.  God does that on purpose I think..makes you lose brain cells when you have children so you can deal with the incessant whining, irrational behavior and no sleep!  Survival behavior at it’s finest, anyways, I digress….here’s my gobbler!

sweet treat cups 004

and here is a Halloween card using these cute things….

sweet treat cups 001

See aren’t they fun???  I love new toys…

Ciao for now…..Deidre

Sweet Treat Cups

I started playing with some of my new stuff last night. I saw a snowglobe and had to make my own version.

Here’s mine and it is not as crooked as it looks in this picture, so mea culpa for that part!!!

Such a fun idea, sweet treat cups, buffalo snow and voila’ snow globe!!…I can’t wait to play some more!

Ciao for now!!!! Deidre

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tea for you, tea for me, won’t you please come for tea?

The last week has been kind of crazy for me, getting ready for the girls 5th birthday party. It was our first, non-family party with kids invited and I think I went a wee bit overboard. Now why can’t I have this kind of turnout for my stamping classes??? I think we had about 24 total darlings! Next year, definitely fewer kids! All the little girls looked so sweet though, all dressed up in their princess outfits and nice party dresses, it was totally worth all the work.

Just our luck, that San Diego decided to have a record heat wave this week though, so temps were close to 105 today. Our “garden” tea party had to be moved inside, and I was really hoping I had enough to keep the girls entertained! Especially, with the trampoline and swings now out of commission due to heat.

The girls played a pass the sugar cube game with spoons around the table and a stack the sugar cubes into the tallest tower game. Then we had tea (strawberry lemonade) and sandwiches (cucumber, raisin nut and PB&J, of course!) I had been hitting all the thrift stores and had china tea pots and plates and saucers, all mismatched, but that way it didn’t matter if anything broke! The girls did spills and no breaks. Even the two year old table did great! I had hit paydirt at one thrift store and got 50% off everything, so a 30 piece set of china was $10! One of the teapots was $2.79 and everything else was way less, so I felt like I was being pretty thrifty!

Here is the invitation I made for the party:

tea party  09 068

and here is the (tea bag shaped) pullout with the actual information for the party:

tea party  09 069

Here are the decorations:

tea party  09 075

tea party  09 071

Here is the cake which I thought was kind of a mess but you get the idea. It was going to be $250 at the bakery, so here's the Deidre googled teapot cakes on the internet version:

tea party  09 083

Forgive the crappy vines, I am a much better stamper than I am cake decorator!

Here’s Joel doing his best Prince Charming impersonation, or Captain Stubing….you pick:

tea party  09 089

I have to say I was proud of my man fitting in this tux that we got married in, not sure if my wedding dress would still fit or not..probably not!!

And of course the most important part of the party (according to every 5 year old????) The goodie bags!!!

tea party  09 072

Folded up to look like a tea bag of course! These bags caused quite a bit of consternation on Matty’s part as she wanted one so badly and I did not have enough for them to have one…uhm isn’t that pile of presents enough, Matty? Matilda also cracked me up with her 6 wardrobe changes throughout the afternoon, starting in a tutu with an "I love my mom" tshirt and ending with a cheerleading skirt and back to the "I love my Mom" tshirt. You would have thought she was hosting the Oscars, as many times as that girl changed!

Needless to say I am resting with my feet up and enjoying all my memories of the day! I hope all the little girls had a great time today which is the most important part. I know my two did, and they went right to sleep tonight, they were so tired! My mental notes for next time to improve are:

1) Less Kids, I am thinking about 12 would be good.

2) Get a picture of the family together before the party starts, uhm yeah, totally did not get this!

3) Get a picture of the birthday girls together on the big day, again doh!

4) Take a picture of the place setting...I didn't hand tie all those napkins for nothing!

5) Have it at Gyminny Kids! Ha! Just joking, I really love doing this stuff!

Ciao for now…….Deidre

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Some of you have heard this story by now and some of you haven’t so for those that have, I am sorry but I still can’t get over it and I have to put it down in words. When we moved to California last year, all the bedrooms in the house were smaller than our home in Georgia, which is fine, but I had a huge desk that I used for my crafting, that was just TOO big. So I sold it on Craig’s List, and it was a beast getting down those stairs, let me tell you. Since then, I have been using two tables in a L shape. I loved the L shape and it gave me great workable area, so I started looking for an L shaped desk. The heavens opened and I found the perfect desk….the Ashley Brush Hollow Desk…see here:


But alas, the price on this bad boy was way too much for me at $1200 before taxes. Yikes! I am just a stay at home Mom, with a limping along stamping business, that at this point is still in a loss situation ever year! No good! I just kept going in every once in a while and VOILA! around Thanksgiving found out they were having a great sale at the Ashley store. I was able to get the desk (without the hutch, which I really wanted) for around $500, so I was excited about it but the timing wasn’t perfect so I thought...maybe for my Christmas present. Went back at Christmas and they refused to give me the same price...said it is only a sale at Thanksgiving.

I was appalled. I said “in this horrible economy, you won’t sell the desk for the same price that you quoted me a month ago?” They said NOPE! So went home without a desk, again. Imagine my surprise when the same desk of my dreams appeared at the Military Base furniture store! Score! Now I was excited! Price was the same but now, no taxes! And I know military base stores...that sucker would go on sale one of these days.

So I waited and waited and waited! I checked every time I went to base to get groceries…run in, no sale, leave. I searched online, hoping I could get emails or something when they have a sale but the Marine Corps store doesn’t send out flyers like AAFES does. So I just kept checking knowing, one day, it would be mine! I would have drawers again! You can only imagine my horror when I walked in on Friday (after almost a year people!) and didn’t see the desk in the corner…. instant panic. I saw they had put in a clearance room and I thought it will surely be there….nope, no desk. I asked the salesclerk about it and she said, “oh, we sold all of those last week.” AACCCKK! NO! NO! NO! She said it went on sale for $800 last Wednesday, and they sold one, then on Thursday it went on sale for $500 (including hutch!) and they sold the last 4 including the floor model. The guy who had bought it for $800 told his friends and they all came in and got it for $500.

Seriously, you guys, I thought I was going to vomit in the store. A year of my time on this damn desk and I miss it by a week. The guy who paid $800 tried to return it and get the difference back, but they wouldn’t do it, and he opted to keep it rather than return it and not get it back. Smart guy! So I am just disgusted! I thought, “I will just check Ashley again.” Went over there (it is actually just across the street from the base). Desk is there, price is still the same (plus taxes now, of course) The salesgirl says we had a sale that ended yesterday, but I can’t give you that price now. I could get you about 12% off if you want, which means $1000 plus tax. I said no thanks and walked away broken hearted AGAIN. I really wanted those drawers and the hanging file drawer and a place to hide all my goodies, so my room doesn’t look like a bomb went off every day. Oh well. Such is life.

Maybe I will get a good price on it this Thanksgiving, but I am not holding my breath. I am seriously disgusted about the whole thing. A little word of warning if you shop Ashley...we bought our couch and ottomon there too. Those guys aren’t kidding about their return policy. We tried to return the ottomon on day 5 after receiving it (they have a 3 day return policy) I had decided I wanted something less matchy matchy. No way Jose, would they let me return it. I talked to everyone. I didn’t want my money back I just wanted to exchange it and nope, no go. So if you do buy something from them…you better decide yay or nay in the first three days!

Well obviously, I haven’t gotten over it yet but I am sure in time I will. I keep checking Craig’s list praying that someone bought it just to resell and make some money, but no luck so far. Total and complete bummer I tell ya!

Here are some more pics from convention with lots of cool ideas though....enjoy!!!

convention 017

stencil on the walls surrounded by empty huh?

convention 018

loved this card..the beer mugs have crystal effects on them so they are all shiny and three dimensional…

convention 024

magnet board for whose in the doghouse..loved this!

convention 026

new stamp from the holiday mini catalog which is ready to be inked on my desk right now!!!

convention 034

Amy and I doing our make and takes. This is what my desk looks like on regular basis, drawers people...I could have had drawers!

convention 073

convention 074

Halloween display, so cute!

Cute framed art…

convention 050

convention 057

Gingerbread it!

Ciao for now…….Deidre!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home again, Home again jiggity jig!

It feels so good to be home again! We made the trip back last Wednesday and I am already missing my family in Oklahoma but thank goodness for phone calls! I have been working hard to get the girls back into a routine that will prepare them for school. So we have been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. We almost have it down, last night they were asleep by 8:15 and awake at 7:15. My goal is asleep at 8, up at 7:30 since we are all piddlers in the morning that should give us enough time to get to the school by 8:50. Can I just mention how much I LOVE the fact that their school doesn’t start until 8:50? Genius I tell ya!! Today we are going on a school tour and to get a new outfit for the first day…big doings in the Mooney house!

I have gotten all my unpacking done, my stamp room is back in order and I will be finishing up the girls birthday invitations today! Just had to get the time finalized and now we are ready! We are having a garden tea party for all the little girls and don’t tell anyone but Joel is going to dress up and play prince charming! Should be a hoot with cucumber sandwiches and scones and of course cupcakes!!!

On a personal note, I did meet with the doctor last week to discuss my miscarriage and my chances of a normal pregnancy if we want to go that route. I never knew I did, until that little wakeup call last month! There are a few tests we can do and then we can make up our mind once and for all.

I thought I would share more pics from convention of some of my favorite swaps…please forgive me that they have not been photo edited….all stamps are @stampin' up 1988-2009

august 093

august 096 august 095

august 094

These above were all the ladies that I saw swapping in the phoenix airport..what a hoot! And here are a few of mine that did not make the cut…I will show my officially convention swaps in the next post…

august 026

august 032

august 033

Ciao for now….Deidre