Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home again, Home again jiggity jig!

It feels so good to be home again! We made the trip back last Wednesday and I am already missing my family in Oklahoma but thank goodness for phone calls! I have been working hard to get the girls back into a routine that will prepare them for school. So we have been going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. We almost have it down, last night they were asleep by 8:15 and awake at 7:15. My goal is asleep at 8, up at 7:30 since we are all piddlers in the morning that should give us enough time to get to the school by 8:50. Can I just mention how much I LOVE the fact that their school doesn’t start until 8:50? Genius I tell ya!! Today we are going on a school tour and to get a new outfit for the first day…big doings in the Mooney house!

I have gotten all my unpacking done, my stamp room is back in order and I will be finishing up the girls birthday invitations today! Just had to get the time finalized and now we are ready! We are having a garden tea party for all the little girls and don’t tell anyone but Joel is going to dress up and play prince charming! Should be a hoot with cucumber sandwiches and scones and of course cupcakes!!!

On a personal note, I did meet with the doctor last week to discuss my miscarriage and my chances of a normal pregnancy if we want to go that route. I never knew I did, until that little wakeup call last month! There are a few tests we can do and then we can make up our mind once and for all.

I thought I would share more pics from convention of some of my favorite swaps…please forgive me that they have not been photo edited….all stamps are @stampin' up 1988-2009

august 093

august 096 august 095

august 094

These above were all the ladies that I saw swapping in the phoenix airport..what a hoot! And here are a few of mine that did not make the cut…I will show my officially convention swaps in the next post…

august 026

august 032

august 033

Ciao for now….Deidre

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Nikki Bond said...

Glad to hear you made it home safely! {SMILES}