Sunday, February 14, 2010

So damn cute!

Usually it is Matty who cracks me up but this week it was Matilda.  She had on all pink and brown and we were trying to get her a pair of shoes.  I recently bought her some really cute brown leather shoes with pink polka dots on them and they would be perfect but we couldn’t find them.  Matilda says to me, “ Mom I really need to find those shoes because they are so damn cute!”  I almost spit out my coffee!  Her eyes twinkle like no ones business when she knows she is being ornery, so I had to stifle my giggles and give her my “that’s a daddy word lecture!”   Since she usually looks like a hobo wearing everything in her closet at once; it was really funny fashion commentary!

Matty did make me laugh earlier this week.  She wasn’t particularly enjoying writing her name on all of the Valentines and was telling me she didn’t have “time.”  I said, “well, maybe if you would work on your valentines when you get home from school instead of playing on the computer, you could get them done.”  She looked at me and said “that’s a really good idea, Mom!”  Yeah I know, Mom is very wise, young grasshopper!  I hope she will continue to take my guidance with the same enthusiasm ten years from now!!

So, like I said last week I did not get the kid’s valentines made this year but I did make some super cute gift bags for the girl’s teacher if I do say so myself.  These bags were 4 for $1 at the Target dollar spot and I stamped them up:

valentines 2010 007 

Inside of one was a package of cards and the other held one of my mailboxes.  She really liked them!

So Lily is just fitting right in with the family.  The girls love her so much!  We have been letting her sleep with us and we are all getting more sleep because of it.  She doesn’t take up much room so it works much better..if she gets restless it wakes us up and I let her out, if not we all sleep…win win!!  Here is a pic of her giving Nico comfort:

valentines 2010 001

and another just because she is so cute!

valentines 2010 026

We had a great relaxing Valentine’s Day.  I got 6 miles in this morning and we had some friends over for dinner.  It was another beautiful day here…hope your Valentines day was great as well!!!

Ciao for now……>Deidre

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet the newest Mooney!

We have an old dog named Nico that just turned 17. He has been a great dog and has been through so much in his life. Joel has had him since he was 6 months old and he has been all over the world with us!! We know that the end is in sight for old Nico. He is having a harder time walking and getting up. He can’t take his pain medicine very well anymore. It is really amazing to me every morning when he gets up to go outside. Sometimes he is in such weird positions that I really think he has left us and then I detect breathing. He sleeps almost all the day now. We knew that we wanted to get another dog as we are firm believers that dogs need a buddy. We also knew that although we are not usually fans of little dogs we wanted a dog that the girls could play with and walk…Clapton just about drags them down the street! So we decided to drive out to the animal shelter last week just to see what they had….we were NOT planning on getting a dog. Then we saw this:

feb 017

Now how could you resist a face like this???? At the shelter her name was Latte and she had a sister named Cappuchino. After playing with the puppies for a while the girls were calling them “Licky” and “Elle.” We actually thought about adopting both of them but the shelter was pretty strict about only allowing you to adopt one, and the cost was outrageous compared to what we have paid at shelters before (although it is a great shelter and I know they will use the money wisely) so one it was, and we decided to combine the two names so they both got to name her so we have “Lily.”

She is a fantastic little puppy! She is only 9 weeks old and she was potty trained in 3 days! I can’t believe it! Her only downfall is she can not be left in her kennel for more than three hours at this age, so we are having to take turns at night letting her out. I tell you I will never get any sleep…damn girls have kept me up for 5 years now and we then get a puppy! Crazy I know!!

She is already a huge presence in the house and every night she is curled up on daddy’s chest. (This was a guy who never has liked little dogs!!) Clapton continues to put her in her place but Nico loves her. Whenever I can’t find her it is because she is curled up next to him, so I am really glad we got her because I hope she brings him a little comfort and joy during the time he has left with us.

We are all having lots of fun with her and I am trying to keep her from chewing up all my furniture!! So far she has only damaged one sock, so all in all, pretty good!

It does seem like time has been flying by..I was busy with this for a while:

feb 001

This was the ribbon and embellishment share I a few customer orders, and my last class in the background. Then I made a bunch of these:

feb 011

This was my technique card for this favorite, reverse masking. I did this card for my stamp club and my Swap group in Georgia..Hi Ladies!!! If you want directions on how to do it just email me!! I guess I do need to send those directions out to my clubbers, DOH!!

Then I made a bunch of these for hostess gifts:

feb 003

I love that strip of chunky glitter..just use a piece of sticky strip and press the glitter into it!

Then I made a few of these from my last class as I really need girl birthday cards on hand!

feb 008

Last but not least, I made some of these cards up for my stash…heck I may even send one this week with valentines day coming up!

feb 007

So I have been keeping busy lately and I have to confess one last thing….I bought the girls Valentines this year! I know, the horror! I just don’t have time to make 48 of something right now…I am going to make all the teachers something and call it good…sometimes you just have to throw in the towel you know!!! There is always next year!

Ciao for now!!! Deidre