Friday, May 28, 2010

Curlers and Coffee Baskets

Hey all…hope things are well where you guys are. I completely forgot in my last post to mention a slight obsession that I have…the band Daughtry! I got the chance to meet the band, go to their soundcheck before the concert and then had front row center seats for the show… and I have to say, I have never been that close before and it is fantastic!

I usually have the worst luck getting good seats for concerts. I thought we had bought level 1 seats off the floor for Aerosmith when we went to Vegas a few years back. When we got there we were the second row from the very tippy top. Our seats at $129 a pop were so bad that the sound equipment was hanging below our field of vision blocking the jumbotron so for the entire show we got a great view of Steven Tyler’s crotch and that was it. If the music had not been so good we would have left!! So this was a major treat for me. I have loved Daughtry since he was on American Idol. When the first album came out in 2007 Joel was in Iraq and he and the girls would sing “Home” to each other over the computer and for many months after he came home for good. Even at 2.5 the girls knew who Chris Daughtry was! They have every song memorized on the newest album and ask to listen to it all the time in the car. I love that they know all about my favorite group and love hearing their sweet little voices singing the songs. Here are some pics from up close:

may 030

this was the soundcheck

here’s where I got to meet the band:


here’s from front row center at the concert:


We had a blast although my ears rang for a day and I was really tired from staying up so late waiting to get Chris to sign my cd, but at around 2 in the morning he came out and we did get them signed so it was worth the wait!!!

My girls had to get ready for a show last week so we got to use sponge rollers for the first time and let me tell you those suckers work..the girls look like they had stuck their fingers in a light socket for about 3 days! Here’s a pic I just have to post..Joel called them Myrtle and Ethel and they definitely looked like that!!

late may 080

I also made it home to OK for my goddaughter’s graduation from high school. I was only there for 48 hours but I got to see my family and enjoy Samantha’s big’s a pic of me with the graduate..isn’t she beautiful??

late may 019

and for my stampers out there..I finished a coffee gift basket for the girls teacher for her birthday. All the kids brought something to put in the basket and I made some cards and tags for her. Check them out:

late may 091

late may 092

late may 093

late may 097

late may 096

I got my color scheme for the cards from the dish towel we used in the basket. Another fun thing was I shredded coffee filters to use as the stuffing for the baskets. It turned out really cute!

Ciao for now…..Deidre

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is good but busy….

Hey everyone…life has been moving so fast around here that it seems like I hardly have time to breathe!

So let me recap what has been going on around here since I last posted:

I am starting up some new stamp clubs and have had great response this time which is really wonderful because it keeps me in business as a Stampin’Up demonstrator and makes me stay on track making things for them, which forces me to get my therapy time in and that makes everyone happier!!!

I am training for my first half marathon and for a non runner like me that is not an easy task. Because I have paid the entry fee for the Rock and Roll Marathon I have been doing the work and am super proud to say that I ran 11 miles on Sunday which is by far the most I have ever ran in my life and it went pretty well, I have to say!

Last week was teacher appreciation week and as room mom I was responsible for making a poster for the room, a sash for the teacher to wear to the luncheon, a basket tag and a placemat for the luncheon. Of course, most of the stuff got made the day before (what happened to the procrastination resolution huh???) and I forgot to get pics of everything but here is the poster I made for her and before you notice it… I did get an extra c added to the word “success!"

may 016

may 017

Much thanks to Heidi and Tricia who helped me cut out all the cupcake parts while we were watching our kids do gymnastics!!

I was also recently involved in a charm insert swap for Stampin'Up's simply adorned jewelry line...I had the tag from a workout shirt that I had bought and I really loved the colors and style of it, so I used it as my inspiration. Here is the tag and my charm insert that I made:

and here is the insert inside the charm:

I know there’s more but that’s what pops in my head right away!!!

I have pics of lots of things to post so I will try and do better this week and get some more blog posts done!

Ciao for now……..Deidre