Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Baby Shower-Froggy Style

Hey everyone, so it seems life has been super crazy this past couple of weeks and it won’t be getting any better until March is over! Yikes! The past few weeks I had a stamp camp and then was preparing for a baby shower that I hosted for our realtor here. I really had fun putting everything together... so let’s get to it and I will show you what I did although I forgot to take pictures of everything! DOH!

Lea is having her third baby and her third little boy..but this woman does nothing conventionally and has had them each 6 years apart so it is like a new child every time!! She says she did it on purpose to make sure they weren’t in college at the same time!! She is young though, so she can definitely handle it! I love baby showers so I offered to help host one and my part was all the decorations. We had it at beautiful home across the street from the Mom to be. Lea and her sister did the food, and a friend of Lea’s from LA did the punch, so it was definitely a collaborative effort!

I just have to share the most yummy appetizer that we had, I wish I had taken a picture of it but they went too fast. It was fresh asparagus wrapped in bacon and then crisped with red pepper slices under the broiler...that’s it! Oh so good! The only trick to it is you have to dump the grease twice while cooking it, so that they will be crispy not sitting in the grease. YUM-O!!

Here is a pic of my favorite part, the candy buffet:

lea's baby shower 013

and here are the little baby bottles that they filled with the candy as their party favors:

lea's baby shower 018

and some smaller ones:lea's baby shower 019

Here is the diaper cake…my first!! It took a case of diapers from Costco plus about 30 from a small package, I pulled 10 out to do the poopy diaper game (hey don’t knock it, the Mom to be specifically requested it!!)

lea's baby shower 010

Here’s the gift bag I made for her gift:

lea's baby shower 012

All the frogs are made from punches….wide oval for the face, 1 3/4 inch circle for belly, large oval for legs and boho blossom flower for toes, 1/2 circle for white part of the eye, 1/4 circle for black eye and then for the mouth, I punched out an oval and then punched a strip with the tab label to get the strip for the mouth!! I shaded everything with the same color green to give it dimension….they turned out so cute!! The daisy’s are our Daisy number 2 die for the big shot.

Here’s the cards I made to play the two games:

lea's baby shower 003

and here’s the poopy diapers ready for action:

lea's baby shower 004

We also played a game where you had to guess what baby items were in the brown paper bags with the letters spelling out baby shower..I forgot to get a pic of the mantle with the word all spelled out but here is the Mom to be standing in front of them, isn’t she the cutest?

lea's baby shower 021

It was much fun and much work and now I am pooped!!! One last pic for you though, I sold one of our decor elements tree to the lady who hosted the party a while back and finally got a picture of how she used it in her house…it is so cool and fit perfectly in this little alcove above her desk..such a fun idea!!

lea's baby shower 017

Now I have to go get used to this time change and relax a little…oh wait I have company coming in two days..4 people for a week, guess no relaxing for me, it’s off to clean!!

Ciao for now!!! Deidre