Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay so it is October 27th and I actually kept one of my New Year’s resolutions today!  BOOOYAHH!!  I actually finished the treats for the girls classes and special friends yesterday….I know, I know, the shock and awe of it all!!  Now, the teachers gifts aren’t done but I already know what I am going to do and I have all day tomorrow to do those two which involve baking; which had to wait until the last minute, so I have to give myself an A ++++.  You want to see now doncha??????

snuggles visit 037

I made the cutest and simplest little triangle box that we learned how to do at convention in 09, stuffed them with some candy added a cute tag and ribbon (all scraps mind you….nothing except the candy was purchased for this project!!  How’s that for using my resources???) AND THEN even had time to go back and add the sentiment and the bat…I made 70 of these suckers….

Here’s more cause I know you want to see more right????

snuggles visit 040

and one more just cause I kept a New Year’s resolution finally on October 27th:

snuggles visit 034

excuse messy desk and another stuffed animal that I have to hand sew back up because I HATE MY PUPPY LILY WHO EATS EVERY STUFFED ANIMAL SHE CAN GET HER PAWS ON….okay sorry for yelling but that dog creates so much extra work that I could use to do papercrafting…she is lucky she is so cute…in case you have forgotten, how can you be mad at this face??

feb 017

And that folks is all for now.  My goal next year?  To keep one of those resolutions by March…I can’t outdo myself too fast now can I?????

Ciao for now…..Deidre

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Laughing all the way home!

My kids seriously crack me up. So here is the conversation in the car on the way home from school Friday: Matteson: “Mom, we have two days off of school, right?” Me: “Yep!” Matty: “WOOHOO, PARTY IN DA HOUSE!” Me: laughing all the way home….only in kindergarten…..and already living for the weekend!!!

So I wanted to show you guys my latest club technique card and the stepped up version I am doing for a swap I am in. Ever since I saw the Christmas Collage stamp in the holiday mini, I imagined it in lots of colors. I knew I was going to do the baby wipe technique and was hoping it would turn out like I saw it in my head and I have to say.…it came out even better!!

So here’s my card for my club ladies this month..the gorgeous glass glitter from the Stampin’ Up Holiday mini really sets it off:

oct cards 006

This is what my baby wipe looked like that I used as my stamp pad:

80's party 003

I like to do mine on aluminum foil, a paper plate would not have worked for me as the stamp is too large, but the foil keeps everything under it dry and easy to clean up!

Just in case you need to be shown…here is a blog showing how to do the technique:

I sponged the edges of the main image first in so saffron ink and then again in crumbcake to add more depth. Used my crystal effects to hold the glitter on, let it dry and then assembled it all. I just love it. Since I still had so much ink on my baby wipe that I hated to throw away I decided to do the same card for an internet swap group that I am in, but I needed to take everything up a notch, so I decided to do the cracked glass technique on the 25 so it would look like an old ornament and then I added a tiny tag with a vintage trinket safety pin for a little extra yummy!!

I wish you could see the cracks better in the cracked glass but trust me they are there!!

oct cards 008

Some old olive satin ribbon is the perfect accessory!! Hope you guys like my vintage Christmas Card!!

CS is real red, old olive and very vanilla

reinker colors are elegant eggplant, old olive, real red, more mustard, so saffron and night of navy

Ciao for now! Deidre

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long Days and Longer Nights

Well it has finally happened! The girls started full day school last week and they are officially whooped! At first, two days in, I thought to myself, “they seem to be handling this pretty well.” The next day, we had a new teacher in gymnastics and breakdown city. The long days were starting to kick in!

This week, Matilda has been in my bed at some point every night and both of us are officially exhausted! No matter how much I love hugging that little body into mine for a cuddle and rubbing her back and hair, I just can’t sleep with her!! She wiggles like a sack full of snakes!! Ever since I had the girls, that deep REM sleep that I used to have every night, all night, before children is easily interrupted by the slightest noise.

Needless to say, heavy breathing 6 year olds that wiggle like snakes all night…keep me up!!! She came to my bed twice last night, the second time saying she had a bad dream. After about 30 minutes, I headed to the couch and just left her in my bed hoping to get the last hour of sleep in before the alarm. Wouldn’t you know it… 30 minutes later she is putting her feet on me on the couch and working her way into a cuddle again…she had tracked me down!

Let’s hope we get through this transition period soon and then maybe I will actually feel like myself again!

I had not had the chance to show you guys the girls birthday party yet. We had an art party and the kids had a blast painting everything. Here are some pics:

august 128

here is the sign at the beginning:

august 129

here’s midway through the party:

august 154

and the final result:

august 180

the cake:

august 136

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the inside of the was so’s the only close up I could find….

august 174

it was a rainbow cake and so fun to make..the kids were high on food dye all day though, I am sure!! Here’s where I found the cake if you ever want to replicate it:

Here is a pic of some of the kids working on their art piece:

august 134

and of course the all important goodie bags:

august 113

here’s the thank you cards we made...the invitations were just like them, but I can’t find my pic of them:

Late Sept 012

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at the girls 6th birthday party!!

Ciao for now!! Deidre