Sunday, October 25, 2009


Sorry it has been a while since I posted…my house has been a warzone and I have been very overwhelmed! We started a small painting project that ended up becoming a major project that we had not planned on. We know some good painters who said they could help fix some of our ceilings where the previous paint job was not very clean, they were also going to paint our fence. They thought it would be a 3-4 day job max. Well, when they went to paint the popcorn ceiling in the main room it fell right off! That changed the plans big time! They ended up scraping all the popcorn off, priming and patching the ceiling and then having to reprime it with oil based primer to prevent any yellowing showing through. All in all, it doubled the amount of time and they still aren’t done. It’s been 8 days now. Tomorrow afternoon they will finish up the fence (11 gallons down, 2 more to go!) The ceiling from hell is done though and looks fabulous. I am a little worried that it had asbestos in it and we totally removed it the wrong way. I am just praying that the ceiling was not the original one. It was in perfect shape it was just kind of gray from never being painted. We were able to keep the master bedroom and bath dust free so that is where we all slept, so the girls never were in any dust at all. Joel was in it a lot as he helped clean it all and I walked through a couple of times. I have been fretting over that and just praying that we haven’t done any serious damage to our bodies.

I was really getting a little depressed about the whole situation, so Joel worked really hard every day cleaning to get the house back to normal so I wouldn't have to do it all. He is such a good guy. I think he was a little worried about me!

I also did a little retail therapy on Friday morning at a craft fair. It is practically impossible to be depressed at a holiday craft show! Especially with the yummy cinnamon friendship bread. That loaf was worth every penny of $7! I also got one Christmas present purchased and hey, it’s still October! Double Score! Think I will get everyone’s gifts to them by Christmas? Odds are not in my favor, but I am going to do my best!

Here’s what it looked like the second day which was completely different from the snowstorm of the first day:

october 084

here’s all the furniture crammed in the family room:

october 083

I did have some time to stamp before all this happened for a few birthday parties we attended. I really love how this card turned out for little Sophie’s birthday.

october 078

and here is the name frame that I made to go with her Ariel bedroom.

october 080

I have lots to show you so I will try and do better about posting this week….stay tuned! Back to cleaning we go….

Ciao for now……Deidre

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Nikki Bond said...

What a bummer...thos small jobs always seem to turn out to be larger than anticipated! Hope it's all done soon!

Your card is sooo cute and LOVE the name frame! I bet she was so excited when she received it!