Friday, December 18, 2009

Is Candy an Option?

So I have to tell you guys this funny story about Matty, before I forget all about it. Matty and I have a lot in being a huge sweet tooth. We come from a long line of sweet lovers. My Grandma Gressett would have dessert before dinner. God I loved that woman! We finally finished up the Halloween candy around the first of December. It has already been replaced by the plethora of Christmas goodies so fear not that we are sweetless in this house! Anyways, I would normally give the girls some of their Halloween candy after lunch and one day about a month ago, lunch was over and Matty had this look on her face. I said, “what do you want Matty?” and she gave me more of the big doe eyed look. So I said, “Matty do you want candy?” She looked at me and her eyes got bright and she said, “are you saying that candy is an option?” On my gosh I about died laughing…”yes sweetheart, candy is always an option!!!” Oh, the things those girls say!!!

I really need to take some pictures of some of the things I have been making so I have more to post, for today I will leave you with this Christmas card I made using Soft Suede, Serene Snowflakes and the Shimmer Champagne paint, that stuff is so fun! All Supplies are SU!

october 062

I have to say this is officially the craziest week of the year. Packages to mail, school parties, teachers gifts….one last furniture delivery and 2 digital scrapbooks that I finished for a client for Christmas gifts. One more party tomorrow and 3 packages left to mail and I am finito!!! Woohoo…now for baking and all that fun stuff! We are going to sneak in the Princess and the Frog on Monday too!!

Ciao for now……Deidre

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry it has been so long!

Hey friends….life seems to be blowing past me at breakneck speed these past few weeks, hence the lack of blogging.  We recently (thanks to inspiration and assistance from my Dad) decided to purchase a piano.  Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, but it kind of necessitated the rearranging and redesigniong of two of the main rooms in our house as there was no place to put the thing!  So, we bit the bullet and invested in some new furniture for the first time in a long while.  We had gotten a new couch this year due to the fact that our old one was damaged in the move, but before that it was 5 years ago that we bought a bed and entertainment center.  We bought a dining room table when we lived in Italy in 2001 and before that we had never bought any furniture since we had been married.  So doing two rooms was a huge deal!

This is the first time that I have ever felt like shopping was such a chore.  Normally I love searching for just the right thing, but this time I wasn’t finding it and no one was willing to deal either.  I went on a wild goosechase to get 6 different furniture store business cards so I could get 5% off for each one of them.  That took a whole day, so I could get 30% off !(Yes, I finally got the desk...well it hasn’t delivered yet, it is my Christmas present….made me want to vomit knowing I was paying $300 more than the base store.) 

I only had an hour per day after my workout and before I got the girls to look, and all the furniture places are 20 minutes away…so it was all rush rush fun!  Then on top of that, not finding anything that I loved that wasn’t particle board or $3000 and it makes for one very frustrated girl.  It literally was one saga after another.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but I have been very frazzled over the past two weeks.  Now I am behind on my Christmas presents and shopping but I have to say the rooms look fabulous and cleaner and more useable than they did before and I love that!!  We had hardly sat in our front room at all and now we are using it constantly….Yeah! 

We have had about 6 birthday parties as well.  I made some goodies for them and didn’t even get pictures taken of some of the stuff as I had to wrap it and leave!

But here is some eye candy for you guys today and I will try and do a little more blogging soon!! 

Hope your Christmas season is not being too rushed and that it brings you joy!!

Here’s a card I made for the ladies who invited us over for desserts on Thanksgiving:

december 010

Here are some bags I filled with goodies and a movie card for one of the birthday parties we attended:

december 002

All supplies SU.  Let me know if you have any questions on either project and I can fill you in!

Ciao for now…….Deidre