Saturday, September 19, 2009

So much fun and thank god for coffee!

I stayed up until 2:00 am last night playing with My Digital Studio (MDS).  It is addictive!  I never stay up that late but I just couldn’t stop.  Now I am really getting excited about all the possibilities.  In one night I made a 24 page book on our trip to Yosemite.  In the past year I have finished 10 regular scrapbook pages so needless to say this is just a wee bit faster!  But I have to say I am already ready for some new downloads…I want more stuff!!!  I started by using the designer templates that are already set up, you just drag your pictures in and they autofill to the size set up in the template.  (you can move them around from there really easy.)    Now I am thinking how easy will this be to get some pages done and I really like the idea of adding regular scrapbook elements on top to create hybrid pages.  But it isn’t just for can make calendars, cards, blog banners and more.  I have only watched one webinar but I am going to try and watch one a day to learn more cool stuff to do!   Some of the pages are similar but by keeping all the same colors you get a really cohesive book!  This will all be printed into a hardback book!

So without further ado here is page one of my Yosemite scrapbook:


I changed the paper from the original template, added the text, brads and ribbon knot and the cute little red scallop border and it was done.  Just right and even better…FINISHED!

Here is another page:


Please overlook the saggy boobs and note to self…no more hiking with only a camisole….bra is definitely a necessity after birthing children…what was I thinking?

Here’s another page:



Amazingly easy if I must say so myself!  Now I am going to make a scrapbook page from scratch that I can make into a hybrid page when it comes in.  Then a greeting card.  After that I will get them all printed so I can have samples to show everyone.  I can see how this is going to be lots of fun and now if I can just get Donna and Randy to send me some of their pics, I can easily replace the pics of my family with theirs and make them a scrapbook for Christmas…they will love that!  Literally it will probably take me 10 minutes once I get the pics!

I am seriously low tech folks and this stuff is easy and fun!  I can not wait to play some more and hee hee hee Joel has to work all weekend…so some bad parenting (putting my kids in front of a movie) and me playing with MDS sounds like a great weekend!

Ciao for now…..Deidre

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Claudia said...

OK so you totally had me in stitches from laughing over your "boob" remark. Thanks to you now my tummy is hurting and I'll need me a nap soon :-) I think you should add one "embellishment" to that page and it is the arrow pointing into that area LOL. We never would have thought to look close, but now of course I had to enlarge and really look... Hugs!