Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Witty Repartee

Overheard on the monitor yesterday:

Matilda: “Sissy, please put these clothes on!” (she likes to dress sissy and herself the same and she’s my little fashionista..the latest trend is a dress with a shirt underneath it and tights)

Matty: “No!”

Matilda: “Sissy, PLEASSSEEEE!

Matty: “let me think about it….NO!”

(wonder where she has heard that before?)

Matilda: “PPPPLLLEEEEAAAASSEE!” (At an extremely high decibel)

Matty: “NO! I do what I do when I doooze it!”

Matilda: “SISSY!!! PPPLLEEAAASSSEEEE!” (at an even higher decibel if that is possible)

Matty: “NO!”

Matilda: “If you don’t do it, I am going to toot on your pillow and make it all stinky!”

Matty: MOM!

Me: Cracking up laughing!

Now THAT, is some comic relief for a stay at home Mom I tell you! I keep thinking about it and smiling!

So I have been working on some new things that I can’t wait to show you guys but they need to reach their destinations first….I also found some old pieces of a card that wasn’t finished and put them together to have a few extra for my basket, so I thought I would show you those today:

february09 012

You can’t see the main image very well here, because it is way sparkly… I used the damask stamp from Friends 24-7 and stamped it in versamark and then daubered green/gold pearl ex on top of it, so it is very shiny gold and green in real life. I used an old background piece that I found that had two background stamps stamped in versamark on choc chip paper and then daubered with pearl ex as well, so everything is really gold and green and sparkly.

I used a leftover main image, added some pearl ex to the center and made this card as well:

february09 011

The new eyelet border punch on the edge of the matting..it is on the matting in the first card as well..I can’t seem to make a card without it these days! I need to add a sentiment to really finish it off. I think I will do that now! Enjoy your day!

Ciao for now! Deidre

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Lisa Somerville said...

Love the Print Pattern card Deidre!