Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not just for paper

Hey guys! Sorry... I have just not had much time to post lately. I will try and do better I promise! I had two stamp camps over the past week and lots of Valentines to make so I have been very busy. Hopefully I will get some new folks stamping from the workshops. I will show pictures of everything we made after I get them edited....

Last week I noticed that Matilda's favorite shoes were starting to get a little worn on the toes. Of course, since she wears them everyday what can you expect right? So here's a picture of them before; can you see the worn toes?february 09 projects 088

So I thought to myself....man I have some chunky silver glitter...I bet I could fix them....so I added some crystal effects glue, and some chunky glitter and voi'la (sp??).... just like new!!!

Here's the after:

february 09 projects 089

So since this post is about other ways to use things..how about some decor elements?? I really wanted a red laptop, but they were a couple of hundred dollars more and of course I wasn't going to pay more just to have a cool red one....(think of all the stamps I could get for a couple hundred bucks, right???) So I was thinking, how can I make my computer my own... maybe bling it out a little bit, right??? Well, I had this bird sitting around that I am planning on using on an old window, but just haven't quite gotten around to that project yet, so I thought I would put it on my computer..so here's my laptop tricked out....isn't that cool?

february 09 projects 126

Now I think I will get a "D" and put it in the top left corner..what do you think???? I might even get it in red!

Hope your day is a happy one..I am not folding laundry so you know I am happy!!!

Ciao for now....Deidre

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Marci said...

I love the Decor Elements on the Laptop I hadn't even though of doing that. Now I think I may need to order one to put on mine. Thanks for the enabling :)