Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lagniappe-a little something extra

Not sure where I am going with the title of this post but I have always liked this word and thought I would use it! I spent some time in the Lousiana area in my twenties and heard this word a lot! Mainly in conjunction with food, but it crosses all conversation boundaries, and is just a cool word…pronounced LAND-GNAP (like gnat).

So here is my little something something for today, since I am prone to rambling, I have made a few projects this last week and in doing so had an extra background stamped that didn’t make it to the final project but I really liked it. So, I decided to make it into its own card. I didn’t want to loose the pretty background and I wanted it to be clean and simple which is not my normal MO. I am much more of a vintage type gal, but hey you have to change it up sometimes right? Anyways I am so pleased with how it came out...I just want to keep looking at it! And, I finally used one of those filigree designer brads that I have been hoarding…ahhh, may we all live long enough to use up our supplies!

And speaking of that, in case I ever have an untimely demise….all you stamping ladies better high tail it over here as my husband says he would put all the stamping stuff on the curb and that would just be a travesty! He says that, but he supports my “business” ( I can hardly say that with a straight face! Loss so far on my taxes this year is $600 and I am not done) in his own special way and he did let me have a whole room for my “chick shit” as he calls it; so he is on board in his own special Joel way!

So here is the card I am so proud of…hope you like it too!

february09 009

Isn’t it pretty??? It uses the new set Friends 24-7 and the sentiment is from Baroque Motifs. It uses whisper white craft ink on choc chip paper and choc chip craft ink on white ink for the sentiment. A little white taffeta ribbon and that filigree brad and definitely a little lagniappe for the eyes….don’t you agree?

My four year old is sticking her tongue out at me so time to go deal with that…where do they learn this stuff??? Joel and I don’t sit around the house sticking our tongues out at each other…what do you think would be good punishment….lashes with a wet noodle...time out? Nah, too extreme! Ignoring her works much better….drives her crazy!!! Yes! Parenting at its finest!

Ciao for now…Deidre

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