Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 things

I get tagged all the time on Facebook and never do the lists, but I thought I would post it here for you all to see….it is supposed to be 25 random things about yourself, so here goes!

1. My biggest pet peeve is using a double negative…example.. “don’t know nothing.” It should be “anything” people, and my hubby is the number one culprit on this. College educated and all...I just grit my teeth.

2. My children are the best and worst things that have ever happened to me….people may wonder about this, but parenting is by FAR the hardest thing I have ever done; and I haven’t truly slept in 4 years which takes a toll on your body! But their smiles and silliness DO make it all worthwhile!

3. I have a love hate relationship with exercise.

4. I do it (#3) so I can drink margaritas, pomegranate and lemon drop martinis and wine, my favorites!

5. I love to travel. Destinations that will be in my future are Tahiti, UK, Ireland, South America and Prague, also the west coast of Italy..Portofino, we didn’t make it there! Stateside, I must visit Sedona and Napa Valley!

6. I am obsessive compulsive on tidiness, cleanliness not so much! I like stuff in its place, but could care less if it is dusty!

7. I am addicted to stamping, like you guys didn’t know this.

8. I love taking pictures and would really like to learn how to be better at this!

9. I have always hated my hair and still do. It’s my cross to bear.

10. I am addicted to the internet and am on it several times a day.

11. I could care less about the vehicle I drive. As long as it runs well, has air conditioning and the dvd player for the kids, I could be driving a Chevette, doesn’t matter to me, although it is fun to drive the hubby’s beemer on the weekends and pretend I am not a van driving mommy! But I would feel the same in a Yugo I am sure, it’s the freedom I like!

12. I am not a beach person. I love to get sun playing golf or hiking, but the beach and sand in every crevice don’t do it for me, I do enjoy watching the kids at the beach though and I tolerate it for them.

13. I play pool really well. I played in tournaments when I was in college.

14. PF Chang’s is my favorite restaurant although my favorite kind of food is Mexican.

15. I love giving gifts especially at Christmas, could care less about receiving them.

16. Green is my favorite color.

17. Daisies are my favorite flower.

18. Peanut butter and my family are the only things I would need if I had to survive on a deserted island.

19. Night Shift is my all time favorite movie…. “ I am an idea man, Chuck!!) Survivors is my second most favorite movie of all time... “Hi Jack, want some pancakes?”

20. My freebie five would be: Andy Garcia, Oliver Martinez, Will Smith, Christian Bale and Daniel Craig..hubba hubba

21. I love music and have very eclectic tastes when it comes to it.

22. I played trumpet and french horn in high school and was a certified band geek…. Joel finds this very humorous. Hey, I couldn’t be a basketball star now could I?

23. Volleyball and golf, in person, are my favorite sports to watch..can’t stand sports on tv.

24. I am blessed to have a wonderful family, not everyone is so lucky.

25. I talk too much!

So if you made it through all that, then here is some eye candy for you today:

february09 010

I made this for an internet swap group I am in...the requirements were two layers, and a brand new stamp set from our new catalog. This uses the new Friends 24-7 stamp set and friendly words wheel, and the sentiment comes from the SAB set Botanical blooms. I really love this card! I used the new eyelet border punch, I can’t make a card without it these days and the new Parisian breeze textured decorator paper…it is so heavy and cool! I roughed the edges up of the bird and the main frame..this card came together so easily! Hope you are all well!

Ciao for now! Deidre

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