Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sugar High

So we had two Valentines Parties today! My girls have had enough sugar to last them for a week! We had some friends over yesterday to decorate cookies and cupcakes so the fun started then. Today was their preschool party...more cookies to decorate and eat; and then capped it all off with a Valentines party at the neighbors with 20 kids, pink punch with ice hearts and MORE cookies to decorate! Of course, I told the girls they couldn't eat one, that we would bring them home and they complied, but every time I looked over, Matty was licking the frosting off the knife or eating the sprinkles..she definitely has my sweet tooth, and her nana's and her great grandma's (who had dessert first then maybe some food!) so she comes from a long line of sweethearts!

Needless to say their heads were spinning by the time we made it home, so I had to stash all the goodies away and focus back on protein, veggies and fruit..not the easiest task after a day of sweets! You don't know how many times I had to threaten them with throwing all the junk in the trash to get them to eat real food, but the sugar high finally started to subside after some regular have got to love Valentines day with 4 year olds!!!

So here's a pic of some of the valentines we gave out today...these were for their school friends and I totally got the idea from this wonderful stamper:

Now how perfect are these for San Diego???

valentines 004

And here are the valentines we gave out at party number 2, these hold one ghiradelli chocolate square and took me less than an hour to make them all:

valentines 003

I will have some more Valentines stuff to show you over the next few days...until then enjoy the sugar high! And just to let you know the actual existence of my willpower; I did NOT get the Reese's double peanut butter filled heart today at the store.....HA! Take that sweet tooth!

Ciao for now! Deidre

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