Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings

Well, not much going on here in the Mooney household.  Matty was sick again which is three separate incidents of vomiting/diarrhea with days in between of being fine.  Very weird but the doctor doesn't suspect anything and just wants us to watch her milk intake at night (all of the incidents she had a big bowl of cereal before she went to bed.)  Maybe she is becoming a little lactose intolerant?  Anyone know anything about that?  

So a little Bikram update...I have done 35 classes now and gained 2 pounds back!  Blah!  I swear my body likes this weight...but I don't... so I have to stop eating chocolate.  If I can have the willpower to go to the torture chamber 35 times now...I can stop putting chocolate in my mouth right?  But man oh man is chocolate good!!!  I have had one success I am happy about though which means I am getting more limber...around class number 30 I was finally able to do the camel posture!  Before this I could not reach my feet so I just kept my hands on my hips!  So I must be getting more limber because I can now do this:



When we first moved here my brother introduced us to some old friends of his and they were nice enough to invite us to a birthday party for their daughter PK at the beach.  The girls had a ball, but I was not very prepared and didn't have any of my supplies so I did not have a gift made for her.  We had a playdate with them last week and we finally got to give her a name frame for her room.....here it is and I apologize for not having the copyright info on it..my new computer doesn't have the right photo editing software yet, so as you all know....all images are copyright Stampin Up 1990-2009!

LateJanuary09 005

and here is the matching card I made her which is exactly like the football card I made for Eliza, just different colors and different stamps..I love this sketch!  It is perfect and you can use any image!

LateJanuary09 006

So I guess that is all for me today..I have to get to work making some new stuff or I am going to run out of things to show you...that's a good excuse to get back to the stamp room, right??? 

Ciao for now!  Deidre

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