Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Egg juice?

So funny story from the girls preschool....they were discussing during lunch bunch where apple juice comes from, orange juice etc., and the teacher threw in hot dogs to be funny and all the kids laughed...then she said how about eggs and they all laughed but my child.....of course, MattyMoo says...."you can get egg nog from eggs".....and the teacher was impressed and said, "that's right Matty, you can make egg nog from eggs...and you know what, I like to put egg nog in my coffee", to which Matty replies, "well my daddy likes to put egg nog in his adult beverage"! So now the preschool knows that we imbibe here in the Mooney household! Oh well, I don't see how anyone could survive parenting without drinking some! The teacher said she actually thought to herself, well so do I, but I am not about to admit that here!!!

Speaking of funny......I found a hilarious blog the other day called Looky Daddy, You should watch his video of the first day of his twins preschool...I was cracking up..especially from the aspect of a stay at home Dad. He has a 3 martini playgroup that I would love to join, and check out the state of that van...and Joel thinks I am a mess, he doesn't even know how bad it could be!!! Hey I figured out how to add this video. Push pause on the music box at the bottom of my blog, so the music won't conflict!
The First Day of Preschool from Brian Sargent on Vimeo.

So many of you might remember this project from the past few years:january 001

or this one:


I make these for the girls teachers every Valentines day and usually try to do a class with them....I have looked all over creation to find these mailboxes from the Target Dollar Spot and I just want you to know they are in the stores NOW!!!! This year in addition to red, pink and white they also have silver and pink metallic. You have to be diligent though, as they sell out fast...make sure and ask someone to check the stock status, as they usually have them in the back room or can tell you which stores have them...stay tuned for this years version coming soon using that cute heart punch from the love you much bundle! (Still on sale for 20% off through January 18!!

So all my Christmas gifts are officially mailed and I can share them with you now.....the only thing I have left to do is get out my Christmas cards and since postage is going up on the 18th I am going to start those today! Yikes! I swear in 2009, this will be done on time!!! Oh well, I guess I should cut myself some slack..I did move across the country for goodness sakes!

So here are some stationary boxes I made for some special ladies:


sambox2 loribox2

and here are the front of two of the boxes:

loribox sambox

You can find out how to make these here:

and here is a video of how to do it:

Cool..not sure how that happened but I loaded a video on my technical ineptitude astounds me sometime!

The boxes hold 4 regular size cards, 4 tags and 4 3x3 well as an address book, a place for stamps and a cute are they?

I will share the cards for each box tomorrow...hubby is out of town, so I have been stamping in my PJ's every night after the girls go to sleep...I am in heaven and getting so much done....

Ciao for now........Deidre

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