Thursday, January 8, 2009

Funniest Christmas Memory

So we had a lot of fun with Mom here over the holiday.  We went to see the popular Del Mar Light Festival at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Christmas Eve.  We had the girls all in their footie pajamas so we could get them to bed faster when we got back.  The lights were nice, and you got to drive around the racetrack which was interesting, but even though they are supposed to be the largest light show on the west coast, it has nothing on Callaway Gardens in Georgia!  You don't appreciate what you have in your backyard until it is gone that is for sure! 

So here we are driving around the track looking at the lights and Matilda had asked to get out of her carseat and of course we wouldn't let her, so what does she start saying..."I have to go potty!"  Even though we had just went potty before we left!  We carry around an Elmo Potty seat for emergencies, and she knows it, so she starts saying, "I really have to go!"  I knew she was full of it, but when you have Daddy (totally wrapped) and Nana (completely wrapped) as well, I was fighting a losing battle.  I knew she just wanted out of the car seat but they were all "if she has to go, she has to go!"  So I get the potty from behind the backseat, set it up between Mom and me and get Matilda out of her carseat and completely naked..footie pajamas remember!..and there we are riding around looking at the Christmas lights with Matilda naked "going potty"!  Did she go??  Of course not!!!  We finally had to make her get back in her carseat, so we could go home!  Joel and Josh tried to get a picture, but cell phones don't have flashes on the camera so we couldn't get one....but what a memory!!!

So for all my stamping ladies..some exciting news was announced today at the SU leadership conference...SU is getting into digital scrapbooking!  Sometime over the next year we will be selling a product called My Digital Studio.   It's user friendly - for PC  and MAC users both, the program is similar to MS Word, you can use drop menus or click and drag.  Has SU custom colors, punches, accessories, stamps, DSP.  Has preset layouts, or you can create your own.  You'll be able to print from your own printer, or send to one of SU's printers (so you'll get TRUE SU colors). 

I don't know anything about digital scrapbooking but it sure sounds like fun!! 

So here are the Christmas Gifts I made for my downline..(Marci and Kathy..yours are in the mail!!!)  I totally copied from Rebecca at Bella Carta, it was such a great idea.  Here's hers:

I got my small shadow frames from the dollar store, opened them and covered up the gaudy saying with the paper, glue gunned them back together, painted them and had to add the yummy striped ribbon from SU's winter Mini catalog.  I love that stuff!  Here's mine:



So this uses the smallest decor element "jingle all the way", Riding Hood Red Decorator paper, cream acrylic paint and some jingle bells!  I think I am going to make some of these for craft shows in the fall..what do you guys think?  Would you buy this for $10?  It sure is cute! 

Ciao for now....Deidre 

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