Friday, December 19, 2008

Teacher Gifts

I have known since the school year started that I needed to make some Christmas gifts for the girls when did I start them?? The night before I needed to take them of course!!! I started at 9:00 pm. I went to bed at 12:30 am and did about 30 minutes more the following morning! But they turned out kind of cute if I must say so myself...

Here is a pic of the whole batch:


Here is the inside of the stationary folder:


I made 4 cards with matching envelopes and a large paper clip bookmark ..all matching with the great "Always" decorator paper..this paper reminds me of ice cream!

Here is a look at just the cover and the bookmark:cover

and here are the four individual cards:


So I made all the kids in the girl's class and my wonderful stamp club ladies AND my monthly swap group these great stockings from Lauren Meader's Timeless Templates..this is a free download and a great one!!

Here's mine:

Mine aren't nearly as cute as the ones she has on there with fur cuffs and such but hey, I was mass producing!!! I made 3o of them! I was actually cutting out stockings at a playground while the girls were climbing..a busy Mom has to multitask you know!!!

So there they are..this year's batch of teacher gifts and such. I have a few more projects I hope to finish up this weekend and show you soon! Merry Christmas to all..I am gathering up some faboo recipes to share with you all next time! My holiday favorites! Oh and I have to leave you with this cute card I saw while blurfing the other day:

I had to copy them they were so stinkin cute!!!

Ciao for now!!! Deidre

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