Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas in California

I have been so excited to show you guys some of my Christmas decorations this year, but I was waiting on my new Decor Elements to arrive to put on the finishing touches!  They are so easy to use.  I have had this idea in my head ever since convention and was so excited to finally see it finished.  Here it is:


I found an oval mirror at the salvation army for $20.  It was perfect..nice beveled edge on the mirror, crappy gold frame and in need of painting!  I took it to Michael's to  have them add the wire hanger on the back, the original hanger hung it vertically.  I painted it with cream color acrylic paint and then with crackle medium and then barn red acrylic paint on top.  It didn't crackle as well as I would have liked but it worked out fine...I attached the red and cream striped ribbon with a glue gun (it isn't actually hanging from that..the mirror is too heavy, and then rubbed the decor elements in the middle and I love it!!!  Here it is over my mantle:mantle

I used three rolls of the red and cream striped ribbon in my christmas you can see it on the tree:


and here it is on the staircase:


I will have some more Christmas gifts posted soon using more decor elements..I am so loving these things!

So for my Bikram update:  9 classes done....dare I say it is getting a tad bit easier, although I am not correct in all, scratch that, ANY of the positions, I don't feel like throwing up constantly and the room heat isn't bothering me much fact last night we all thought it was not hot enough!!!  Another big change I am seeing is in my skin.  It is getting so soft!  Huge change!  I am not very good at moisturizing and in the winter my legs looks pretty chaffy.  Especially as dry as it is here, but I am not having that problem at all this year and it is so soft!  there is something to be said about sweating a gallon every class! 

Ciao for now!!!  Deidre

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Mary said...

Hey D! You're Christmas decor is, of course, gorgeous! I'm diggin' reading about your yoga experience....I tried a similiar class eons ago and couldn't hack it.