Monday, December 8, 2008


and no I am not talking about football!  Although woohoo for the OSU Cowboys (my alma mater) I found out about a week ago that they were ranked number 12!  Impressive....and pretty sad I did not know about it until then.  I went to school there during the Thurman Thomas, Barry Sanders and Hart Lee Dykes era.  I actually tutored Thurman in a class once!   So it is nice to see OSU back in the game so to speak! 

So what did I score???  Well I have been welcomed into a great group here in San Diego called the Rubba Sistas.  It is a group of orphaned demos as well as downlines and sidelines of the wonderful Gail Reed.  When I knew I was moving here I actually emailed all the demos in the area to see if anyone was nice and wanted to stamp together like the group I had in Columbia. (Hey Claudia and Marci!!)  Anyhoo, Gail responded back right away and we started corresponding.  She has been very warm and invites me to anything they are doing.  It was actually kind of funny because the first time I met these lovely ladies I was actually picked up on the street corner by Gail to go to a meeting near LA.  My husband says to me.."Are you crazy going to go get in a car with someone you have never met and drive 2 hours away from here?"  I was like, "honey, they are me they will be fine and safe!"  And of course I was right!!  They have adopted me into their group and we have been having so much fun!  So we had a Christmas Party on Saturday and I can't wait to show you all what I scored here goes!!!

from the lovely Pam Gaynor who hosted the party:ornament

you can see how to make these here:

We all did a card swap and here are some of the pics:


card swap

how cute are these tags????


card swap1

Here are some other little trinkets made from the big shot and dies that Pam and Judy made for everyone..Judy gave me two extra for the sweet!


we all had to bring a gift for a dirty santa exchange where you can steal the is the tag I made for my gift:


and lastly here is what I ended up with going appropriate is this????

dec08 008

okay so the bikram update is:  7 classes finished..2.5# lost so far!!  Woohoo!  Only 17 more to go in a perfect world...hey I was that weight at 35..surely I can get there again at 41??  keep your fingers crossed!

Okay and I think my favorite gift of all from the party...from the wonderful Carol from Wisconsin:

got stamps

Don't you just love this????

I also got a great pair of earrings made by Wanda, but I couldn't get a good picture of them..thanks though... they are beautiful!!!

Got to love a Christmas party with stampers....the absolutely best presents!  Ciao for now.....Deidre

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Claudia said...

Hey - I love all the great stuff you got! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! I am glad you found another nice group - And by the way guys, Marci and I are in COLUMBUS, GA - not Columbia *shaking my head in disbelieve here Deidre* LOL