Thursday, December 11, 2008

I understand why animal mothers eat their young!

What a morning we had here in the Mooney household.  What is up with girls and clothes?  I swear as soon as you get an outfit on them, they are tearing it off and wanting something else.  By the time we reached outfit number 6, I had had all I could take and when Matilda came into my bathroom where I was blowdrying my hair trying to take that dress off, I took her out to her carseat in the garage and buckled her in.  She still kicked off  her shoes but she couldn't get to the clothes anymore.  Matty was being pretty good although the screaming was starting to get to her too...she decided that fruit chews were not a good enough special treat for her lunch box today  and threw them down on the floor of the car, where I had no problem leaving them.  Then to top that little tantrum off she didn't like the movie playing, poor thing, and screamed at me to change it.  SO.... I shut it off completely and turned the radio on.  You would have thought I was stabbing them with a knife.  So what did I do?  Turned the radio up louder and sang along!  Luckily it is only 1.2 miles to the school.  So we all went in red faced and with tears.  They went to lunch and I needed a drink but I sufficed with a gingersnap skinny latte at starbucks.  Am I a horrible mother?  I sure felt horrible, but I did not eat them.  I could see how it would happen though!

When I picked them up everyone was in a much better mood.  We are going to see the Nutcracker tomorrow, hopefully that will interest them and won't be a battleground.  Say a prayer for it just me or are the 4's the worst?????

So here is a card I made a few weeks ago:coffee card

It is an old set from SU called Espress yourself, I think!  It may be even older.  I actually had borrowed it from a friend years ago and stamped the marshmallows and embossed them, and I had stamped the coffee cup about 20 times so I just punched it out with a Marvy Circle punch and sponged some chocolate chip around the edges and added some liquid applique for the foam, and some crystal effects to the cup to get that shiny ceramic look.  I layered two oval punches crossed underneath my sentiment to look like  a heart to mimic the cup.  (This won't be necessary in about a month...we will have two different type heart punches in the new catty!!!!  Woohoo!)  I finished it off with some real red striped ribbon and voila...a card I started 5 years ago is finally done!  

Ciao for now....Deidre

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Amy said...

Super cute! I love this stamp set and have wanted it for a very long time. I should just break down and buy it on ebay. :)