Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kindergarten here we come!!!

Woohoo! I enrolled the girls in kindergarten today. Now how exciting is that?

Not much else to report as I have been sick this week. I ended up in the hospital on Monday and had to be rehydrated after a stomach virus all night. I took two liters of fluid and the doctor asked me if I needed to pee. I said "nope" and he said, "then you were really dehydrated!" But guess what that meant? I gained 3 pounds in one day, thanks to the plumping! I feel like those chickens in the TV commercial. And this was our biggest loser weigh in week! I am happy to report that I was down a total of 6.6 pounds though, even with my 3 pound plumping. I wish I could have weighed in before I got the IV's, but of course I wouldn't have been able to stand long enough to weigh myself, I was in such bad shape! I won't be the winner, two ladies have lost 12 pounds each; and one was my weight to start, so she will win the big jackpot. But, that is a pound a week for me and hopefully something I can keep up doing. Joel has promised me some "prize" money as an incentive if I make it to 140, so I just have to keep at it!

I made a few things this past week which are now on the way to their new home. One is for my friend Morgan who just had her 4th baby, a sweet little one named Kamryn Nicole. So I made a name frame for her and matching card. Morgan loves anything glittery and bright colors so I stepped out of my favorite, worn out, vintagey style and picked some colors that pop and will coordinate with Kamryn's nursery. Here is the name frame:

and here is the card I made to match:

Since I rarely spend money on products that are not Stampin' Up, I don't have any Nestablilities or Copic Markers. Here is a great blog candy giveaway that I just couldn't pass up!

SO, if you are like me and don't want to spend the cash...go sign up for the blog candy maybe we can win some and not have to spend $$$!!!! Bona Suerte!

Ciao for now...Deidre

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Claudia said...

Hey Woman! How scary is that?! I hate that you've been so sick and glad that you are better now! Cute projects too...