Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hey everyone..time is zipping past!!

Wow again it has taken me forever to sit down and write a post..sorry about that…make sure you go check out all the cool pics I added to my last post..

you can see all the places we saw the past few weeks in person! 

The last weekend that my dad was here we did make it to the Carlsbad flower fields and they were well worth the visit!  Little did I know that this place is the world’s largest commercial grower of ronunculous!  Don’t know what those are?  Neither did I until last Saturday.  Here’s a few pics:

april09 103

april09 118

april09 129

april09 134

april09 142

this last one is from the orchid show they were having..quite the unusual flower huh???

So I have had two small stamping workshops this week and that seems to have kept me super busy!  Here is one of the cards we made for Mother’s Day:

april09 170

This uses the great friendly words wheel, and the thought and prayers stamp set.  The colors are baja breeze, not quite navy and kiwi kiss.

Hope all is well..I just edited a bunch of pictures so I will post them pretty soon so keep checking back….Miss you all….Ciao for now…Deidre

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Amy said...

Those flower colors are beautiful!

Love the card too. :)