Monday, May 4, 2009

Cutest Birthday Invites

I have the coolest friend here in San Diego.  I met her (again) my first week here thanks to my brother.  She is married to one of my brother’s best friends and I met her 14 or 15 years ago when they graduated from college….  She has taught me quite a few things in the short time that I have known her here such as:  let the girls have milk in their teapot and pour it themselves when we have tea parties (that is the fun part…don’t worry about the mess! This is hard for me..I always want to wipe up the spills!); hot chocolate chip cookies MAKE a tea party even more special, how to relax a little and enjoy the kids as they are, and even how to use my camera better..she is an INCREDIBLE photographer!…if you don’t believe me check out her blog:

or even better check out her web site:

I can’t wait until I get the girls pictures taken this year by her…I know they will be amazing! 

Anyways her oldest is having a pajama party to celebrate turning 7, so I really enjoyed helping her make some invitations for the party.  We had both done some scouring of the internet and found the cutest idea for the invites…sewing material into a pillowcase and having the card with all the details slide in and out.  Shawn also had the great idea to put bubble wrap in the case to make it look more puffy like a pillow…so she came over the other day and we whipped up the cutest invites in just a few hours….I hope they have a blast at the party and the kids all enjoy their special invites!  Here is what we made:

april09 166

So how cute are they, with all the paper piercing on the little birds???  It was a blast making them and even more spending time with our friends!  Have a great day folks! 

Ciao for now!  Deidre 

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