Thursday, May 28, 2009

Drama Queen

How can someone only 4 years old be so dramatic?  Two days ago Matty was on the phone with my mom (NANA) and fell off the couch while she was talking.  She said goodbye to Nana, told her she loved her, passed the phone to Matilda and then went into a bloodcurdling scream….  “ I FELL OFF THE COUCH!”  Uh yeah..that was over a minute ago while you calmly said goodbye to Nana.  DRAMA QUEEN, I tell ya!  I don’t even want to think about the teen years, maybe if I am heavily medicated I won’t notice them…what do you think, do I stand a chance?

You guys aren’t going to believe this either…I got my teachers gifts done on time!  Actually, they were two weeks early! Since we won’t be there except for maybe a picnic on the last day I decided to go ahead and get them done and given out today.  The girls always enjoy handing out gifts to the teachers and getting lots of hugs in return.  Hopefully they all liked them.  Here’s what I made, and let’s just pretend my ribbon is straight shall we?

late may 09 027 

There are 4 pencils, 4 thank you cards with envelopes, 4 chocolate crunch sticks and a small notebook. 

Here is a close up of a couple of the items:late may 09 028

The template is called “from the desk of” and is by the enormously talented Lauren Meader.  Here is what I saw of hers that I just loved:

and here is two of them, put together back to back, to make an even cooler box:

Here’s where you can purchase the template for $5.  I see much potential with this template….hence the purchase!

I wish I could say that the letters are an original thought but alas, they are not…I just took the alphabet I had (define your life) and ran with it.  I would totally make some of these cubes though if I could find some for cheap!  Such a great idea! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  I may not be posting for a while.  Company is due in on Saturday!  Good times!

Ciao for now!  Deidre


Amy said...

Super cute! Love this. :)

And don't hate on the Drama Queens...I was a DQ growing up too. ;)

Kara said...

Oh my goodness, those are darling! I bet the teachers were thrilled to get them.