Thursday, May 28, 2009

From plain to shabby chic!

Not much going on here in Mooney world which is a good thing, as we will be crazy busy the next two weeks!  I am hosting a girls night stamping party tomorrow night since hubby is away.  While the cat is away and all…..We will have some pizza and brownies and work on craft projects.  I have so many things to get done…I have to make invitations for the girls birthday party (we are having a tea party and Joel has agreed to wear his tux and be prince charming and serve all the little fun is that?); invitations for my friend Shawn’s kids birthdays…one is going to be a sock monkey party, the other a penguin pool party so those are going to be fun to design and some thank you cards for her business, although I think I have those kind of done.   Let’s see what else?  Hostess gifts for my club members (hi guys!) , a grad card, June’s technique cards for my club, June’s swap cards for my Columbus friends, and oh yeah..that little thing called convention...I am doing a 3d swap, a 2 card front swap and need to make gifts for all the roomies..shout out to our group!!! Yep, I can say I have plenty to keep me busy over the next month! 

The girls have had a virus this week so I lost out on a day of school (insert sad face here).  On an up note though I did get some stamping done while they were sleeping….you will see the teacher’s gifts I made on the next post.  So today is our last day of school and I plan to use it wisely…pedicure and grocery shopping without children and hopefully get the van cleaned…keep your fingers crossed that I get it all done!

So as soon as I got in the “kind thoughts” stencil I knew I wanted to use it on one of my scrapbooks.  This poor scrapbook has just been calling out for the longest time to become something more than it’s plain old self.  So here you can see what a little bit of acrylic paint and ribbon and punches can do to a plain ole linen scrapbook…we will call it my “Susan Boyle transformation”  for those of you who have seen her on Britain’s Got Talent.  Here it is:

late may 09 017

So  I started with cream paint on the stencil then red, then a light brown, and finally a chocolate brown.  The colors got  a little more muddled than I would have liked, but I am ok with the overall result.  A nice shabby chic don’t you think?

Ciao for now…..Deidre

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Amy said...

OMG girl you are so busy and have so much on your plate! Here I thought I was busy.

Yikes, sounds like I should get a head start on convention stuff too, since two weeks of my time will be lost moving and getting settled. :|

LOVE the stencil on the scrapbook. Looks fabulous!