Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy Stamping Ladies!

Well, sorry it has been so long since my last post, I was frantically preparing my swaps and getting ready for convention last week.  Then we headed to Salt Lake City on Tuesday this week and just got back!  We had a blast and got inspired with lots of new creative ideas and tips on how to build our businesses and be better demonstrators.  When we got to the airport in Phoenix there were ladies already swapping cards waiting for the plane to Salt Lake City!  Here’s a pic of the first thing we saw when we hit the convention center:

convention 001 

this was the line to get into Memento Mall and buy lots of neat stampin up of those to come later!

Here’s some of the crazy swapping ladies….these gals had made up aprons to show off their swaps!

convention 003

Here’s a pic of a gal that had made earrings and a necklace from our filigree brads, crystal brads and other embellishments:

convention 005 

I can’t wait to share everything about the trip, but I will start with some pics of the boards at convention (click on them to make them larger):

convention 045

convention 059

convention 103

and one of my favorite yet simple cards on the boards:

convention 078 

convention 047

convention 048

and check out the pink ribbon on this card, they put two way glue on it and dazzling diamonds and made a glittering beautiful!

convention 066

more pics to come next time.  I had a total blast..saw two chick flicks (the Ugly funny! and Julie and Julia…Meryl Streep was awsome… but I fell asleep in the middle of this one) got to stamp and actually ate hot meals at restaurants for a change!  It was such a great trip!

Ciao for now!   Deidre


Nikki Bond said...

You got some fabulous photos Deidre! I had so much fun...hope to see you at the next one! {SMILES}

Claudia said...

Hey there - it's great to see the pics. I had a blast! Don't feel bad I fell asleep on and off during the movie too :-)