Monday, July 6, 2009


One of the things I love about living in San Diego is sleeping with the windows open.  We hardly ever need the air conditioning and the house is so nice and cool at night.  Despite living closer to our neighbors than we ever have, the neighborhood is so peaceful and quiet it just makes for a great night’s sleep.  (When I am not tending to the wee children that is!)  BUT, we are now in the mating season for mockingbirds and my peaceful slumber is being tortured on a regular basis.  Mockingbirds get going ‘round about midnight and let me tell you those suckers are loud!  Screeching and calling, they “mock” everything, so it is always changing and always loud….you can’t get used to one thing because they change it up so much.  Let me tell you, peaceful it is not, around here right now.  My neighbor fell down his stairs trying to get rid of his annoying bird.  Luckily, our bird likes to move around so we get him about every other night.  I want to commit homicide and it is the first time I have ever even thought those words!  I did some research and unfortunately the little suckers are covered under the federal migratory act.  Some people suggest burning newspaper under the tree.  Anyone have any ideas?  Luckily I have read that it only lasts about a month.  Let’s hope the little bugger gets laid soon so I can get some sleep!!!  

The girls and I went to their “best friend in the whole world” (everyone is that these days) birthday party yesterday.  It was a slip and slide party and the girls had a blast.  They had dirt cake and a pinata.  Fun for all!  We (meaning I) made the birthday girl a cupcake kit and a name frame.  It was a hit!  Here is the cupcake kit I made.  Bailey’s favorite colors are pink and red so when I found these heart shaped silcone rubber baking cups at Target, I thought man those are prefect!

july 022

Here is a close up of the little cupcake pick toppers I made:

july 024

I used a pop up glue dot ( I call them snot dots because it looks like a glob of snot, nice huh?) to hold two punched scalloped circles together with a toothpick stuck in the middle of the glue dot.  Very easy!  I made them for some fourth of July cupcakes I made to take to a Barbeque and I wanted to see how they would hold together and they did great!

Here is the name frame I made for her as well…I thought it turned out really cute!

july 021

Here’s hoping that our mockingbird torture will end very soon! 

Ciao for now……Deidre

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Amy said...

I love cupcake ideas! This one is super cute! Great job. Love the cupcake toppers. :)