Friday, June 26, 2009

It’s Official!

I have definitely been taking out of the running for Mom of the year. Thwarted by my own forgetfulness, I tell you. Yesterday, I was talking about Michael Jackson passing away. (Although I really don’t give a fig about him per se, I did love Jackson 5 back in the day though…I was much more saddened to hear that Farrah had lost her battle with cancer.. what a fighter she was!) I was trying to explain who Michael was, to my lovely girls, they have seen the thriller “dance” a number of times when people have done it at gymnastics performances and such, so what do I do? Pull up the ole thriller video on utube. Now remember, this was from 24-25 years ago right? So my memory, well she ain’t what she used to be, ok? I just remembered all the ghouls dancing…completely forgot the beginning of the damn video was Michael Jackson turning into a seriously scary, crazy werewolf! Yikes!

I thought to myself holy crap, I can’t let them watch this… and I am trying to explain how it is all fake and then we are still morbidly watching the thing, hoping that the dancing would save me and be fun and then trying to explain what a zombie is to a 4 year old and why they had oil pouring out of their mouths and yep, I couldn’t hang with it and turned it off, all the while trying to act like it was nothing and just costumes and acting and such. Holy Moly! Then I am trying to do some damage control by showing them the Jackson 5, singing ABC, anything light and airy and non zombieish. YIKES and DOUBLE YIKES!

So I am praying and hoping that their little minds will not remember what they have seen and we are reading Dr. Suess and nice happy rhyming books before bed. I get them all tucked in and it starts… “Mom, I am scared of the werewolf, Mom I can’t sleep…” Here’s me thinking to myself, "okay, you totally deserve this for showing them that crap!" So I wind up sleeping on the floor in between their two beds holding each one’s little hand. And you know what, my hands going numb and all the pain of sleeping on the floor was totally worth it; if I took away an ounce of the fear, I had unfortunately given them! Yep, I am officially out of the running for Mom of the year!

Guess what though? This morning when they woke up they wanted to watch it again...they wanted to cover their eyes in the scary parts…uh, NO FREAKING WAY! God forgive me but Mommy learned a VALUABLE lesson in childrearing last night…always screen what your kids are watching!!!

Here’s a little eye candy for you today, this was the gift I sent to my hostess last month..Miss Joyce. Hope she enjoyed her goodies. I made a little set with the beautiful Parisian Breeze Paper…that is some gorgeous paper I tell you! yosemite 008

I was especially proud of my little pull for the nugget matchbox…so cute! Here is a closeup of the box:

yosemite 010

If you need any details on the pieces above let me know but they are pretty straightforward…..the book is a scrapbook I picked up at the dollar spot as is the picture frame, and I just altered them all to match. Cute huh?

Ciao for now….Deidre

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Mary said...

THAT story was HI-larious!!! Thanks for sharing!!