Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anzo-Borrego Hike

Hey everyone, sorry I have not had anything exciting to write about lately! I am going to start telling some old stories of the girls soon; mainly because I want to get them down in writing to preserve the memory of them. We did have some fun last weekend, we went to the desert. There is a town called Anzo-Borrego about two hours from here. This time of year, especially when there have been good rains, and this year there was; the wildflowers are amazing. We missed the main bloom by about 3 weeks, but we still found lots to see. We had just started hiking when the girls started complaining though. “ I’m hungry, my feet are tired.” I was like, “that is impossible girls….we can still see the car!” After about 30 minutes we stopped for lunch and they were much better after that and enjoyed the rock climbing and hike. Then of course, we had a couple of falls and skinned knees which were very “dramatic”. On our way back, we stopped at a quaint little town in the mountains called Julian which is known for their apple pies. We all had pie with cinnamon ice cream except for Matilda who preferred a gumball…go figure! Here are some pics from our trip:

march 09 desert 017

march 09 desert 022

march 09 desert 035

march 09 desert 030

For all my stamping readers I came across this article on one of my favorite blogs and this is so true! Here’s where you can find the original article; but here is the excerpt that I related to the most!
“The day you become a stamper...

You start to develop Stamper's Syndrome. It means that you can kiss giving commercial cards goodbye forever. And sometimes, you kiss giving cards at all goodbye as well.

I used to be much more regular about sending cards, but now that I make them, I often forget to send them all together, one of the chief symptoms of SS. Which is quite stupid, really, since I have boxes of the things downstairs just waiting to be used.

But you will also find after developing SS that when you do decide to send a card, you end up making a new one anyway. Because nothing you have is JUST RIGHT for the person you have in mind. Yes, it's a disease and it's hell. As the disease progresses, you procrastinate making that perfect card until it is entirely too late, and you send nothing at all. You are now in the final stages, but the horrible thing about this is that you don't die of it. It just spreads.

Once you have reached the final stage, you realize that giving gifts with ordinary wrapping paper (except for children, who usually don't deserve anything better anyway) is out too. How can you give anyone something simply wrapped in wrapping paper, without at least stamping your own tag or adding some kind of paper decoration crafted by your loving hands? It becomes impossible.”

This is so true, Jan! And so well put! Click on the link to see the cute project she made after this article was written......But I did make some great cards recently..I even have plans to mail one of them! They use our brand spanking new Manhattan Flower embossing folder which is the best $8 I have ever spent….just take a look at these cards. The flower is dry embossed and then I used a sanding block to sand the paper to the white core to make it stand out even more…They are gorgeous, if I must say so myself! And easy! Throw a sentiment on there and you are they are:

blog pics

march 09 desert 042

march 09 desert 043

These all use the new textured Parisian Breeze decorator paper as well. I heart them all!

Ciao for now! Deidre

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Nikki Bond said...

That is ohhh so true! Thanks for the wonderful read! Your cards are fabulous too...that new die is gorgeous! {SMILES}