Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long Days and Longer Nights

Well it has finally happened! The girls started full day school last week and they are officially whooped! At first, two days in, I thought to myself, “they seem to be handling this pretty well.” The next day, we had a new teacher in gymnastics and breakdown city. The long days were starting to kick in!

This week, Matilda has been in my bed at some point every night and both of us are officially exhausted! No matter how much I love hugging that little body into mine for a cuddle and rubbing her back and hair, I just can’t sleep with her!! She wiggles like a sack full of snakes!! Ever since I had the girls, that deep REM sleep that I used to have every night, all night, before children is easily interrupted by the slightest noise.

Needless to say, heavy breathing 6 year olds that wiggle like snakes all night…keep me up!!! She came to my bed twice last night, the second time saying she had a bad dream. After about 30 minutes, I headed to the couch and just left her in my bed hoping to get the last hour of sleep in before the alarm. Wouldn’t you know it… 30 minutes later she is putting her feet on me on the couch and working her way into a cuddle again…she had tracked me down!

Let’s hope we get through this transition period soon and then maybe I will actually feel like myself again!

I had not had the chance to show you guys the girls birthday party yet. We had an art party and the kids had a blast painting everything. Here are some pics:

august 128

here is the sign at the beginning:

august 129

here’s midway through the party:

august 154

and the final result:

august 180

the cake:

august 136

I wish I had gotten a better picture of the inside of the was so’s the only close up I could find….

august 174

it was a rainbow cake and so fun to make..the kids were high on food dye all day though, I am sure!! Here’s where I found the cake if you ever want to replicate it:

Here is a pic of some of the kids working on their art piece:

august 134

and of course the all important goodie bags:

august 113

here’s the thank you cards we made...the invitations were just like them, but I can’t find my pic of them:

Late Sept 012

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at the girls 6th birthday party!!

Ciao for now!! Deidre

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VanessaB said...

cute party and cute thank yous! jack was a turd the first full week and even got in trouble at school. ack. things are going okay now... whew. hope the girls have adjusted now, too! :)