Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay so it is October 27th and I actually kept one of my New Year’s resolutions today!  BOOOYAHH!!  I actually finished the treats for the girls classes and special friends yesterday….I know, I know, the shock and awe of it all!!  Now, the teachers gifts aren’t done but I already know what I am going to do and I have all day tomorrow to do those two which involve baking; which had to wait until the last minute, so I have to give myself an A ++++.  You want to see now doncha??????

snuggles visit 037

I made the cutest and simplest little triangle box that we learned how to do at convention in 09, stuffed them with some candy added a cute tag and ribbon (all scraps mind you….nothing except the candy was purchased for this project!!  How’s that for using my resources???) AND THEN even had time to go back and add the sentiment and the bat…I made 70 of these suckers….

Here’s more cause I know you want to see more right????

snuggles visit 040

and one more just cause I kept a New Year’s resolution finally on October 27th:

snuggles visit 034

excuse messy desk and another stuffed animal that I have to hand sew back up because I HATE MY PUPPY LILY WHO EATS EVERY STUFFED ANIMAL SHE CAN GET HER PAWS ON….okay sorry for yelling but that dog creates so much extra work that I could use to do papercrafting…she is lucky she is so cute…in case you have forgotten, how can you be mad at this face??

feb 017

And that folks is all for now.  My goal next year?  To keep one of those resolutions by March…I can’t outdo myself too fast now can I?????

Ciao for now…..Deidre

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VanessaB said...

way to go super crafty mom! those boxes are too cute.... holy moly you made a lot! you know i love little miss (not so) innocent Lily pie. ;)