Monday, September 20, 2010

Don’t faint!!

WOOHOO two posts in two days….the world must be spinning off its axis!!  Matilda was the source of interest this morning.  She woke up crying saying she had a bad dream.  When I asked her what about, she said that I had left her and Matty with a mean queen and never came back to get them and that the mean queen put a spell on Matty so whenever she tried to sing, only bubbles came out!  What the heck does that dream mean??  Any of you dream readers have anything for me to go on with that one??? 

I totally reassured her that I would never leave her and that if I ever had to leave her for some weird reason, I would make sure she was with someone nice and loving, definitely not someone who wouldn’t let Matty sing!!

Anyways a good story and a chance to share another awesome card I made……This was a for a gift certificate for one of my best “stamping ladies” as the girls like to call them…..I love the colors and all the new vintage trinkets that we have these days: 

begin august 002

Gorgeous eh???!!!  (YILM!)  I am going to have to make a few more of these as they are just too pretty!!  The texture, the colors, the vintage brads, I could just eat it up!

And here are some baby shower invites I made for a friend’s baby shower a few weeks ago:begin august 005

and lastly the diaper cake which was my gift for her:

august 106

Check out the cool palm trees along the bottom!

Here’s the baby card I made for her, but it’s almost 100% cased from this card:

Here’s my version…sure wish I had not sold that key tag punch now but the tab folder punch definitely worked the same magic!!!

august 111

Ciao for now…..Deidre

PS….Dad…. I used it’s and its correctly in this post!  Guess this old dog can learn new tricks!


VanessaB said...

Beautiful first card! LOVE that giraff! your diaper cakes are always adorable :)

Amy said...

I am proud of you for posting twice! :)I think I even gasped out loud. ;)

Love all your baby stuff-you always do great work.