Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Belated Valentines Day!

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a great Valentines Day with your loved ones.  Life has been unusually busy.  The whole running thing kind of overtakes your world when you are training for a race!  16 days until my next half marathon!  I am just hoping to have a strong finish this go around.  Normally when we run, I can sprint at the end.  Most people would say that means that I did not run fast enough during the race.  Well, the last race I did, I ran too fast the first half, averaging 8:48 per mile going into mile 7 and I totally fell apart during mile 11.  My heart rate got up to 192 and I could not get it down.  I was so happy to see that finish line, but I had absolutely no juice left. 

My running buddy Patty, normally hollers at me…..”you know you have a sprint left in you Deidre!!” as I am finishing and she is usually so right!  That is my goal for this race, just to finish strong.  I really don’t care about my time so much, I am more wanting this not to be such a big deal.  Last time I got canker sores from the stress, my stomach was upset, all kinds of trouble.  This time none of that nonsense.    It is so weird how your mind can wreak havoc on the body.  I have been running 10 and 11 miles during my long runs pretty much every weekend for a while now… 2-3 more miles should not be such a big deal!  Here’s hoping!!  I am lucky this race is closer to home too, so we don’t have to get up at such ungodly hours which will also help cut down on the stress.

I hit 19 pounds on my weight loss only to get sidetracked by Valentines Day and overeat on chocolate and gain two back!!  I only weigh once a week so hopefully, I have been tighter on my eating this week and will be back to 19 pounds lost.  I am ready to make it 20! 

Here’s a belated Valentine for all you wonderful people out there using the inlaid embossing technique.  Basically you punch out shapes and adhere them to cardstock and run that through your big shot, in an embossing folder, to create a wonderful textured piece!  Love the texture and the colors of this card! 

February 010

Hope your Valentines Day was filled with love…..

Ciao for now….Deidre


Angelea said...

Go girl! Congratulations on the almost-20 lb. mark and good luck with the up-coming run. Woo hoo!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for always encouraging me along my own weight loss road, your looking absolutly fantastic, 20lbs is a huge accomplishment!!! So proud of you!