Thursday, January 27, 2011

Half Marathon-DONE!! Another one on the horizon!!

So I finished the Carlsbad half marathon and although it wasn’t easy, I did not get injured and I finished in 2:01!  If I had been looking at my time ( I purposely DID NOT look at my time...I just wanted to do my best)  I might have been able to squeak in under 2, so I am so stoked and excited about it, that I don’t want to let all the training go to waste, so I signed up for another one!!  I figure, I actually kind of like running (up until about 7 or 8 miles..then not so much!!) and it’s beautiful here, so why not just keep going??  Here is a pic of me and my constant inspiration, Patty, who inspires me to do better every run!


Patty is a faster runner than me, which I have decided really helps you when you are training because you push a little harder just to keep up with them!!  She too, is a twin Mommy and I am so glad that she is my running buddy!!!  Patty had an asthma attack during the race and still finished in a  really good time so we both are excited to get another shot in 6 weeks.  Not to mention the fact that the shirt and medal they have developed for this race are just amazing….check it out:

safari half

tiger safari

So yes folks, I am doing it for the shirt and the medal and to get under 2 hours.  Madness, but you know what?  It keeps me moving!!!  I have 10 pounds left to lose!!

I wanted to show you guys how I decorated my house for New Years because I thought it was cute…at the last minute we decided to have a family come over for a low key New Years so I threw some decorations together and thought they were pretty good for not buying is the table..with the clock..get it??

new years 019

Here is my buffet near the front door:

new years 023

and for all the stamper’s out there, here is a cute card that I got in swap I recently participated in that was made by Dee Shore…isn’t it “unBEElievably” cute?

christmas 2010 120  

Ciao for now….Deidre

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Angelea said...

You look great!! And I bet you feel even better. Inspiring me...