Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is good but busy….

Hey everyone…life has been moving so fast around here that it seems like I hardly have time to breathe!

So let me recap what has been going on around here since I last posted:

I am starting up some new stamp clubs and have had great response this time which is really wonderful because it keeps me in business as a Stampin’Up demonstrator and makes me stay on track making things for them, which forces me to get my therapy time in and that makes everyone happier!!!

I am training for my first half marathon and for a non runner like me that is not an easy task. Because I have paid the entry fee for the Rock and Roll Marathon I have been doing the work and am super proud to say that I ran 11 miles on Sunday which is by far the most I have ever ran in my life and it went pretty well, I have to say!

Last week was teacher appreciation week and as room mom I was responsible for making a poster for the room, a sash for the teacher to wear to the luncheon, a basket tag and a placemat for the luncheon. Of course, most of the stuff got made the day before (what happened to the procrastination resolution huh???) and I forgot to get pics of everything but here is the poster I made for her and before you notice it… I did get an extra c added to the word “success!"

may 016

may 017

Much thanks to Heidi and Tricia who helped me cut out all the cupcake parts while we were watching our kids do gymnastics!!

I was also recently involved in a charm insert swap for Stampin'Up's simply adorned jewelry line...I had the tag from a workout shirt that I had bought and I really loved the colors and style of it, so I used it as my inspiration. Here is the tag and my charm insert that I made:

and here is the insert inside the charm:

I know there’s more but that’s what pops in my head right away!!!

I have pics of lots of things to post so I will try and do better this week and get some more blog posts done!

Ciao for now……..Deidre

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