Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey everyone..hope your week is going well…I am actually starting to get caught up on things…all my projects are finished, birthday cards went out in the from last month,one from this past week and one for next week! Ha! At least one of them will be there on time. You would think since I am a cardmaker I would be better at that! I do need to get my Mother’s Day cards going… I just can’t decide whether to go westerny like this:

or flowery like this:

Both really suit my Mom, so I am still thinking!!! Speaking of supermoms ( and I have one of them!!) I have to tell you a funny that Matty said to me last week….we were walking over to the neighborhood pool (don’t be hating…our mortgage is extremely to love CA!!! but I get to swim in March and April…it’s a trade off!!) I was pushing the girls in the jogging stroller and thinking about maybe I could possibly push them for a jog, since I am training for this half marathon and during all spring break I did not get to run..anyways I digress…This would mean pushing 100 pounds with improperly aired tires and running which would not be easy…oh yeah and add in hills. So I said out loud to the girls…” Maybe tomorrow we could go out in the stoller and let Mom jog a couple of miles…can you guys sit still for that?” Then I said, “ I don’t know if I can do it though” and Matty says “you can do it Mom, you can do anything…you are SUPERMOM!” God I love that girl!!! Made me grin all the way to the club! If you are wondering...I didn’t even try to take them for a jog…but I did get my jog in!!

Matilda also had a funny comment when we got back from the club that day…they were having some cereal on the patio for a snack since they were ravenous after swimming and Matilda says to Matteson… ‘isn’t this a lovely cafe??” Um, that makes me a waitress, not a supermom don’t you think????

I got an order for my third diaper cake if you can believe that!! This one was going to Chicago for a baby shower and needed to match the Carter’s Tree Tops bedding line which had owls and squirrels and foxes. So I scoured cyberland trying to find punch art owls and the other animals. I found the owls, and a squirrel but no fox. I found a bag with a fox face but I was really wanting to have the whole fox…so don don daaaa…I am the first one to make a punch art fox!!! Woohoo…here is my little guy!

late april 027

and here is the whole cake:

late april 026

They are really fun to make!!! So for those of you that are tired of diaper is a card I am making for a shoebox swap next week:

late april 034

Hope you are all well and have a great weekend!!!

Ciao for now….Deidre!


Amy said...

Hey D-I finished my first diaper cake this past weekend! I'll be posting pics after the shower this coming weekend. It was much easier than I thought.

For the stencil card, did you use a sponge or did you use an actual stenciling brush? I bought some stencils, but haven't tried them out yet...

Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

You are supermom. Great job! Have a great day!
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Katherine said...

Great stories and really cute fox! Enjoy your sunny CA swimming weather!

VanessaB said...

As I already told you in person, I love your fox! and your "cakes" are fantastic. In fact, Jack is sitting with me and he said "aww.. what a cute cake". hmm, not a very manly thing to say- i better quit having him sit with me to look at scrapbook stuff. ha ha ha! :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I am loving that westerny card!