Monday, April 6, 2009


I heard a big thud this morning and then Matilda started wailing.  Matty had thrown a very heavy napkin ring at her and hit her right in the head!  Not sure why that happened, but I really heard that thud.  Why they go after each other I really don’t know, Matilda had just walked into the room when it happened so it really didn’t make much sense as she had not even had a chance to bug her sister yet.  So we iced it down, sprayed it with Bactine, and sent the naughty culprit to timeout.  I do remember wanting to kill my brother a few times so maybe it just comes naturally to siblings?  But poor Matilda’s head.  I have been watching her like a hawk since it happened to make sure she is ok!

Today I wanted to show you some table cards I made for a bunko group I played with on St. Patrick’s Day.  You know how you are always wondering which table to move to?  Well I thought it would be cute to mark the tables as low, mid and high.  Here is a sample of one of the cards.  I made them all in about 10 minutes!  (I was running short on time… I know you find that hard to believe!)

march 09 desert 045

That heart punch makes a great shamrock! 

Last weekend we went to Point Loma to go check out the tidepools.  It wasn’t the best day as the low tide was at +1 foot.  I have to figure the tide charts out better so we can go when it is –1 and there will be much more to see.  But it was still fun, and the girls could have easily played there the entire day.  The kept collecting all the little hermit crabs in their shells and moving them to a designated tidepool.  There were 100 of them or so in one pool by the time we left.  I am sure those poor little crabs were ready for high tide to come in and wash them away so they could have a little more elbow room!  Matilda also loved touching the sea anemones and making them close up…..child will put her hand in anything!  Here are a few pics of our day: 

easter 004

easter 028 

easter 012

We are off to have lunch with daddy and then go to the beach for a while to enjoy spring break!

Ciao for now…….Deidre

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